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Delicious must-try food when coming to Chau Doc

Translated by Bing
Coming to Chau Doc, a border city, 150 km west of Phnom Penh (Cambodia), you must definitely taste these delicious delicacies.

Chau Doc fish noodles

Chau Doc fish noodles used spirit fish to cook for fresh water, add dried shrimp to be rich and indispensable wormwood vermicelli, rice sauce, lemongrass, chili, garlic, fresh turmeric. Chau Doc fish noodles today still remain almost original, rustic with snakehead, broth and fresh vermicelli. The broth is cooked with tubular bones simmered for fresh water, both simmered and foamed so that the broth is always clear. Cleaned copper snakehead boiled in lemongrass broth and battered turmeric so it is not fishy, and has a faint aroma. The fish meat is removed from the bones, seasoned and then lightly stir-fried with turmeric to make the meat hunt, have a beautiful yellow color.

Chau Doc fish noodle soup with bright yellow broth, rich taste. Photo: Quang Thien

Neem salad

Chau Doc people in particular and An Giang people in general use neem leaves and neem leaves (wild plant, bitterness, sweet aftertaste, coolness) combined with dried choke fish, dried snakehead, or meat and shrimp to make salad. To reduce the bitterness of the leaves, many people shed them before mixing them well with other ingredients. This salad dressing is usually made from tamarind paste, adding sugar, garlic and finely chopped chili peppers. The dish has enough bitterness, sourness, saltiness, sweet like sour tamarind, bitter post-sweet of cicada leaves, spicy of peppers.

Melancholy salad. Photo: An Giang Online

Chau Doc fish sauce hotpot

In the "fish sauce kingdom" of Chau Doc, peg fish paste and choke fish paste are the two main ingredients of fish sauce hotpot. Hot pot dishes usually include cascade fish cakes stuffed with chili, meats, seafood, spinach, squash, trusses, banana corn and chili and green onions. Served with hot pot is vermicelli. Visitors should add a little sweet and sour tamarind sauce or chili sauce to enhance the deliciousness of this river dish.

Thistle beef cake

This is a typical specialty of the cuisine of Seven Mountains and only in Chau Doc, visitors can enjoy this cake in the most authentic way. Thistle beef cake is made from sugar and flour of thistle peel, combined with basic ingredients such as rice flour, coconut milk. Thistle beef cake usually has a beautiful and attractive yellow color. The cake helps to recharge energy, because of the abundant carbohydrate content (flour, sugar) and saturated fat in the cake. The dish can be served as breakfast, dessert, or served with meat, roast pork.

Specialty thistle beef cake. Photo: An Giang newspaper

Grilled glutinous bananas

Grilled glutinous bananas are one of 9 dishes mentioned by CNN in the list of "The best desserts in the world". "The dish is crispy, hot and fragrant, best enjoyed with coconut milk and roasted peanuts. This is a must-try when coming to Vietnam," CNN wrote.

Grilled glutinous bananas can be found in many parts of the West as well as in Chau Doc. Peeled porcelain bananas washed in dilute salt water and then marinated with 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, a quarter tablespoon of salt for 30 minutes. Glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk after cooking thinly, put bananas on top, curl and wrap in banana leaves, then bake. When the banana leaves are scorched, the sticky rice peel is crispy yellow, and the aroma is fine.

Roasted glutinous bananas are a famous snack in the West. Photo: Mr True

Seven-course beef

The seven-course beef consists of dishes such as boiled beef heart, beef boiled cake, beef head porridge, beef notch bread, beef stir-fried with wine leaves, beef steak and beef at the shake. Going with a large group of people, you should order a lot, because no matter how much you eat, you still feel craving.

The beef here is tender, the sweetness is very natural, so it is delicious to prepare in any way, such as fried beef with the sweetness of beef mixed with the sour and mild taste of giang leaves, and the spicy aroma of powdered pepper, pungent of chili, fatty of roasted peanuts and coconut milk.

According to VnE

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