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Slow two-day itinerary in Quy Nhon

Translated by Bing
A beautiful, idyllic place like Quy Nhon needs to be felt and loved slowly. Don't worry too much about missing one point, not another,... You'll definitely want to come back here again, then again, and again.

With the enthusiastic guidance of a new hotel receptionist, I had the perfect itinerary for someone who likes to roam in this lovely coastal city.

Quy Nhon Deep Blue

Day 1: Nhon Ly - Ky Co - Strait Gio fishing village

My best friend and I resolved to get up at half past six in the morning to eat a full meal of rice noodles, before driving to Nhon Ly fishing village in a canoe to Ky Co. We wrapped loofah full of swimwear, sunscreen, sea towels, a good book, ready for a lazy day on the sandy shore. The first is to go to My Hanh's rice noodle shop. The rice meat is pounded, cooked, served with fresh vermicelli, raw vegetables, and rice rice cooking water with a layer of fat, both fragrant and sweet. They also sell home-cooked soy milk, five thousand a glass, delicious enough for breakfast.

After that, the two of us jumped on motorbikes and drove more than 20km to Nhon Ly fishing village. On the way to cross the Thi Nai Bridge, the longest sea-crossing bridge in Vietnam. Nhon Ly fishing village is located quietly on the steep roads facing the sea. Tiny houses lay close together, walls painted light gray adorned with bright pink confetti. We got off from a distance and walked through the fishing village, not wanting to break the silence here.

From the fishing village, sitting in a canoe only ten minutes to Ky Co, a small beach in the bay carving into the mountains. Ky Co Beach is only a few steps long, but the water is clear, green sparkling in the sunshine, and the sand is golden and smooth, gentle and inviting. We waded out onto an empty cliff, laid out our towels to sunbathe, read a book, and soon went into the sea to cool off. Floating in the blazing sun, I felt that no amount of time here would be enough.

In the afternoon, wandering in the Strait of Wind to see the scenery for a while, we returned to Nhon Ly fishing village. Lazy spread out towels on the beach, simply lie down, talk, listen to the sound of waves. There was no plan to go, no urgency. In the cool afternoon, the two of them got on the car to Quy Nhon city, told each other that next time they will camp in Nhon Ly to welcome the sunrise.

Day 2: Tomb of Han Mo Tzu - Empress Beach - eating and drinking

Since we were just hanging around in the city, the next day we rewarded ourselves with a little more sleep, before getting up to eat cake and porridge on Yanhong Road. This morning we visited Han Mozi's tomb on Poet Hill. From the parking lot of Ghenh Rang tourist area, you only need to walk up the hill for a few minutes to meet Han Mo Tzu's tomb.

At the foot of Poet Hill is the Queen's Beach, also known as Egg Beach because of the round, smooth stone slabs on the water's edge. The Empress Beach is very beautiful. The sea water is deep blue, the waves hit the "eggs" thrown white. From here, looking at the beach in the city, you see a waning moon hugging the huts. Floating on the water is a big boat, a small boat, a beautiful sight worthy of a king. Queen Beach is rocky and has no sandy beach, so it is quite dangerous, not suitable for bathing, but watching the sunrise here is amazing.

We spent the rest of the day filling our two hungry stomachs. Fish noodles, jellyfish noodles, Phuong Teo fish soup cake with sweet broth with quality sea fish rings, grilled spring rolls Ms. Tuyet dipped in soy sauce with raw garlic and green siamese peppers, chicken only six Cao steamed firm onions, delicious and eaten with a bowl of hot porridge.

In the evening, when Surf Bar, a lovely beachfront drinking shop, was lit up, the two of them immediately found a place to drink coconut water, enjoying the sea breeze. This café area is probably on the list of the most beautiful in the city.

The two days in Quy Nhon ended, I knew there were still many places to come but did not regret it. What if I didn't have time to arrive? The next Quy Nhon trip, I have already scheduled.

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