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Lost in Nhon Ly fishing village, Quy Nhon

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Here, the houses all have the typical architecture of the coastal region. They have low roofs and stone fences, and in front of each house there are rows of triangular steps or stone steps to enter the house. Young tourists can imagine it easier when the fishing village is likened to a miniature "Hometown Cha-cha-cha" in the middle of Quy Nhon's sea and sky.

As a coastal commune located in the east of Phuong Mai peninsula of Binh Dinh province, Nhon Ly has a natural area of 12.13km2. The topography of Nhon Ly borders the sea on one side and mountains on three sides, nature here is considered a harmonious combination of blue sea, sand dunes, rocky mountains and paradise beaches.

Nhon Ly fishing village is located about 20km from the center of Quy Nhon city. If you start from the city center, you will go from National Highway 19, cross Thi Nai Bridge and then turn left towards National Highway 19B. At this National Highway, you continue to go straight for about 7km to turn right into Danh Khoi Central and follow the trail to get to Nhon Ly fishing village. 

When walking on unique roads, visitors will feel a strangely clear, natural beauty. The blue color of the sea is painted on the statues, the faint sea air nearby makes you feel like you are lost in a fairytale paradise.

Unlike the busy fishing villages, full of buyers and sellers of some other seas, this place is unusually quiet. The special thing when coming here is that you can own unique check-in photos mixed with the inherent poetic features of the fishing village.

The rows of confetti in front of the house, the alley leading to the sea, and the embankment overlooking the sea are all very poetic.

Walking through Nhon Ly country market

From about 5-6 am, Nhon Ly country market was bustling with the sound of goods and people coming in and out. Although it is only a small market, it is full of all kinds of items such as seafood, fruits, clothes... so that people can conveniently shop for necessary items and items. All are displayed in plastic baskets or brass, then placed directly on the ground floor that is both strange and familiar.


'Virtual life' at Nhon Ly green stone road

The green stone road is known as a "masterpiece" imbued with the nostalgic Da Lat style. From the stairs or the walls, they are dressed in the salty scent of the sea with a series of impressive color scheme images. Therefore, tourists visiting Nhon Ly should not hesitate to come to this place to take the most check-in photos.

Wander the winding, winding alleys

Not only Nhon Ly green stone road, every corner of this fishing village is a beautiful virtual living corner. Therefore, just a few steps around the alley, you can own a collection of realistic and vivid photos.     


Experience the livelihood of fishermen

Nhon Ly Sea is the "cradle" that nurtures the people here, and fishing is a profession that has been passed down through many generations. Therefore, an interesting activity that you must try is to immerse yourself in their livelihood life, especially witnessing the scene of professional fishing and pulling nets every early morning.

Discover other tourist attractions near Nhon Ly

Besides Nhon Ly fishing village, there are many other interesting destinations that visitors cannot miss: 

• Wind Waist: The tourist area makes an impression from the first time with the beautiful shape of the bow, such as the image of a giant crocodile constantly reaching out to the big sea. Along with that, Eo Gio also has many natural rocks and pristine coral reefs, creating a beautiful masterpiece that is pleasing to the eye.

• Phuong Mai sand dunes: The most special feature of Phuong Mai is that the scenery changes continuously from day to day, because of the miraculous movement of the sand grain. Therefore, visitors can enjoy two completely different views of sunrise and sunset.

• Nha Cang Pit: Coming to Nha Cang, you have the opportunity to witness with your own eyes the iridescent titanium white sand and stand out in the sun. At the same time, the blue and cool water is also a plus point for the pit. 

• Ky Co: Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Quy Nhon, Ky Co owns a long fine white sand, clear blue water and gentle waves. Tourists vacationing in Nhon Ly can visit Ky Co to enjoy the scenery, swim and sunbathe to their heart's content.

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