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The traditional Tet atmosphere has filled tea shops and cafes in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

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As the Lunar New Year approaches, many shops become new, attracting with festive decorations. Put on the right outfit and invite your close friends to the following location to have an album to capture the exciting New Year moment.

Coffee reception

Address: Pham Van Chieu, Go Vap

Opening hours: 6h30-22h

Price: 18,000-62,000 VND

With the slogan "Cozy but chill", right after Christmas, the café has brought a traditional Tet atmosphere on the background of nostalgic and spacious space.

Tables and chairs, decorative items are arranged harmoniously with eye-catching tones, attracting virtual living followers. In addition to taking advantage of natural light, flower pots and cacti contribute to helping guests feel fresh breath, close to nature. This is also a favorite relaxation place for guitar enthusiasts, because there are acoustic music nights every Thursday and Saturday.

The menu of the salon is rich with coffee, juice, yogurt, milk tea, fruit tea, cakes and snacks at quite suitable prices, friendly service staff.

Photo: Ruahaman

Dream of Going to the Society

Address: Nguyen Trai, District 1

Opening hours: 10-21h

Price: 50,000-150,000 VND

Located on the 4th floor, the shop is nestled peacefully in the middle of the bustling city. This place owns a view overlooking the ancient and poetic Huyen Si church. Cozy space mixed with interesting melodies like Western bars. This place seems to lead guests lost in an emotional journey with each note, forgetting the inherent hustle and bustle in the hustle and bustle of life.

Not only serving water, they also have bread, salads, soups, yarn dishes or fried dishes for diners to sip. The menu has a mix of both Western and Vietnamese dishes.

Ảnh: Dream of Going to the Society

April Tea Shop

Address: Nhat Chi Mai, Tan Binh and Hong Linh, District 10

Opening hours: 9-22h

Price: 22,000-35,000 VND

To greet 2022, the tea shop seems to put on a new shirt with a full red color. The shop owns a cozy space. Guests have the choice of sitting indoors or outdoors. This place is decorated with a lot of fresh flowers to create a pleasant feeling. Tet-style props and backdrops for young people to check-in. April Tea Shop is famous for its refreshing fruit teas and beautiful, colorful appearance.

Photo: April Tea Shop

Banh May Tea Shop

Address: Thach Lam, Tan Phu

Opening hours: 6h45-22h30

Price: 20,000-89,000 VND

The outside of the shop is quite simple, nothing special. However, in contrast to the outside, the shop owns a beautiful Tet photo studio like a studio. Guests can take photos freely. There is no surcharge, including guests wishing to take photos.

The menu of the shop is very diverse. Coffee, smoothies, ground ice, fruit tea, hot tea, milk tea, yogurt are all enough. The snack is also quite attractive. Young people often choose to enjoy steamed squid with coconut juice, elderberry, fried mother with garlic paste, pink guava shaken with shrimp salt. You can sit and sip snacks and drinks while waiting if the number of visitors taking photos is too large.

Photo: Banh May Tea Shop


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