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Discover "Phu Quoc specialty pizza", a special creation of The Home Pizza

Translated by Bing
The Home Pizza was born at the end of 2019 in the center of Phu Quoc pearl island. The owner of The Home Pizza, who is also the chef, personally creates and breathes life into each dish, thoughtfully and enthusiastically.

Still rustic, regional dishes of Vietnam, but transformed in a new way to blend with Italian pizzas. Coming to The Home Pizza, you must try these delicious dishes and will definitely want to come back next time.

Herring salad pizza


Breathing life into traditional specialties of Phu Quoc, The Home's Herring Salad Pizza has become an indispensable dish on the table every time guests visit The Home Pizza. With the main ingredient is fresh herring every day, baked crispy on the base of homemade cakes, served with fresh vegetables and a rich cup of fish sauce, the taste of this dish has "satisfied" the taste buds of many guests. 

Pate Nhum Phu Quoc and Pizza


Continuing with the passion for creating new and unique dishes, inspired by Phu Quoc specialties and fresh ingredients of the pearl island, The Home Pizza has launched the fragrant and fatty Phu Quoc Pate Nhum served with crispy pizza made by the chef of the restaurant. 

Hmong Duck Pizza


One afternoon in early winter 2016, when the members of The Home Pizza gathered together in the small kitchen on the top of Sapa hill, enjoying the Hmong Duck mannequin in the crisp laughter of highland children, few people expected that it would be the moment of birth of the idea of H'Mong Duck Pizza – a dish associated with the name of The Home restaurant in the early days Open. 

Pizza Noodle of Hue

Pig ear mannequin - a dish that appears both on the street and in restaurants, thought to be easy to make but prepared by many feats of cooks. Pork ear meat must be crispy and sweet, combining herbs, fresh lemongrass, horn peppers and especially the rustic spice - hearing - roasted evenly, finely ground, creating an incredible delicious flavor. 


Rach Vem shrimp salad pizza

Rach Vem Shrimp Salad Pizza will be a completely new experience when visiting The Home. The fresh shrimp from Rach Vem fishing village marinated with spicy sauce, served with greens and a crispy hot pizza base will make you "wow" from the first piece of cake. 

Ham Ninh Crab Spaghetti

Ham Ninh Phu Quoc fishing village is famous for its unique crabs, although small, but firm flesh and fragrant sweetness. Right from the first time I tried the traditional original steamed crab dish of the fishing villagers, the chef of Nha made sure that "Ham Ninh crab" must be on the menu of the House. With a passion for creatively combining Vietnamese specialties with traditional Italian dishes, Nha has launched "Ham Ninh Crab Spaghetti" with a unique flavor that can only be found at Home.

Bringing a taste that is familiar enough for the family to bond, but also very new to create excitement, dinner at The Home Pizza is a moment when the whole family has fun together and shares delicious dishes combined with unique recipes.

Article: Ngan Hang

Photo: The Home Pizza

The Home Pizza Tran Hung Dao (11.00-22.30)

Ba Keo Bridge, Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong, PQ

(+84) 988.373.793

Image source: Multiple authors
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