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Turn "muse" with 3 "artistic" photo spots in Da Lat

Translated by Bing
With inspiration from the beautiful frames in Hoang Dung's MV, it will not be difficult for you to find a poetic context in Da Lat to unleash your passion for photography.

In addition to the melody of the skin, Hoang Dung's MV "Muse" also touches the hearts of viewers by very lovely footage, reminiscent of a familiar and strange Dalat. Accustomed to the trails under the green pine canopy, accustomed to the color of time in ancient structures. Then somewhere, Da Lat is also strange when appearing with small obscure corners. 

Railway tunnels - Where time stands still

This destination appears in the MV 'Muse' with an old, mossy, ghostly look, due to being abandoned for a long time. Perhaps, you will need a little courage to enter the tunnel, especially on murky, humid days. However, it is the patches of green moss on the stone walls, overgrown shrubs around the tunnel that create a very "poetic" backdrop for those who like to take photos. In particular, the mystery of this place also stimulates travelers who love to conquer with the experience of going through dark tunnels. Overcoming the initial apprehensions, you will burst with excitement when admiring the "light at the end of the road" and get beautiful photo angles.

Address: The tunnel is located on the road towards Cau Dat , about 7 km from Trai Mat.

Note: When navigating on Google Maps, avoid confusion between "Train Tunnel" and "Tunnel Tourist Area".

Cost: No fee

Dalat train - nostalgic memory train

Da Lat station is not too strange, but still appears full of surprises in the MV "Muse" with scenes inside the train line to Trai Mat. Instead of just standing outside the platform, do not hesitate to buy a ticket to experience the train back in time to the 1930s and 1940s. Here, you will be conquered by wood-paneled train cars, nostalgic leather seats and window curtains flying in the dreamy breeze.

Address: No. 1, Quang Trung Street

Note: It takes about 25 minutes for the 7 km train line. When the train runs, it will be a bit noisy, there is no food service or private WC on board. The running schedule of the train changes from time to time of the year, you should call ahead to take the initiative. At the end of the trip, you can visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda or Ve Chai Pagoda and explore Trai Mat before returning to Da Lat station.

Cost: Station ticket: 5,000 VND/person, train ticket 135,000 - 150,000 VND/roundtrip/person.

Bao Dai Palace - A silence marking time

It is also the context in the MV "The Muse", but Bao Dai Palace is recognized by few people. Although located in the center of Dalat, Bao Dai Palaces are almost separated from all the noise and dust of the city by the vast forest. In particular, Palace 2 and 3 are somewhat quieter, more mossy because the traces of time are almost preserved intact on the ancient fountain and the colonnades and walls of clinging vines. On cold days, the scenery here becomes more and more blurry under the mist mixed with each row of trees and leaves. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, you're sure to find lovely and poetic angles here.

Location: Palace 1 - No. 1, Tran Quang Dieu Street; Palace 2 - No. 12, Tran Hung Dao Street; Palace 3 - No. 1, Trieu Viet Vuong Street

Note: Palace 2 is currently used as a guest house by the Provincial People's Committee. The days of conferences and events will limit visitors to visit.

Cost: Entrance ticket 30,000 - 50,000 VND/person

Image source: Multiple authors
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