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Check out 7 luxurious 5-star resorts in Quy Nhon

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Quy Nhon is a land famous for its beaches, beautiful landscapes, harmony between nature, heaven and people. Besides that wild beauty, this place also has resorts, hotels, and high-class resorts. Join Migo to list 8 5-star hotels and resorts in Quy Nhon in the article below

AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa

An ideal location for "vitamin sea" enthusiasts, AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa is a luxury resort located on the most beautiful natural beach in Vietnam. Here, you will enjoy great services such as sunbathing on the clear blue beach with the sound of quiet waves, immersing yourself in the fresh water or having fun with picnics on the sea...

A 25-minute drive from Quy Nhon city, AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa is located on a beautiful beach, overlooking the bay and two deserted islands. The resort has spacious rooms, designed and decorated with exquisite and luxurious furniture. In particular, the Spa offers treatments including beauty treatments, sauna, yoga, massage, convalescence and meditation. As can be seen, AVANI Quy Nhon is the ideal place to relax, relax, find comfort and balance for life.

Geography chỉ: Ghenrang, Dai Beach, Binh Dinh

CoughTline: 0256 3840 132

Entry price kGood: From 2.817.000 VND/night

AVANI Resort has a rustic sound with extremely chill sea view. Photo credit: Avani Resort

Maia Quy Nhon Resort

Maia Resort Quy Nhon is a luxury resort located on the coast of Nhon Ly - One of the most beautiful beaches in Quy Nhon. The resort is nestled in tropical gardens and golden sands nursed in the sunshine, giving visitors the feeling of living in harmony with nature.

Here, you'll experience local cuisine combined with Fusion's signature resort style. Especially, enjoy delicious dishes selected from the quintessence of unique culinary culture in Quy Nhon.

In addition, visitors will be relaxed and relaxed at villas with private pools designed in a variety of styles from Asia to you with airy and fully equipped space.

Geography chỉ: Nhon Coughi EZ, Cat Tien Ward, Phu Cat District, Binh Dinh

CoughTline: 0256 2206 688

Entry price kGood: From 4.347.000 VND/night

Enjoy the feeling of peace and listen to the whispers of the sea. Photo credit: Maia Resort

Anantara Quy Nhon Villas

Located on the deserted sea, Anantara Villas Quy Nhon owns a beautiful sea view, opening up a wide sky space, suitable for guests who like to enjoy privacy, immersed in the vast sea and sky scenery. In particular, each villa has its own swimming pool facing the blue ocean and a huge bathtub for you to enjoy without being disturbed by anyone.

Geography only: Bai Dai Bridge, Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

CoughTline: 0256 3840 077

Entry price kGood: From 7.822.000 VND/night

Anantara is a great destination for couples when traveling in Quy Nhon. Photo credit: Anantara Villas

Fleur De Lys Coughtel Quy Nhon

Fleur De Lys Coughtel Quy Nhon is one of the famous international standard hotels in Quy Nhon coastal city with 250 luxury resort rooms, with balconies overlooking the beautiful sea. Therefore, this hotel will be an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists when traveling in Quy Nhon.

Managed and operated by Fleur De Lys Coughspitality - a leader in understanding Vietnamese culture and people, this place is proud to carry the pioneering mission, bringing the best resort experience to visitors.

Geography only: 16 Nguyen Hue Street, Le Loi Ward, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

CoughTline: 0256 3666 888

Entry price kGood: From 933.000 VND/night

Spacious rooms and beautiful sea views at Fleur De Lys Coughtel. Source: Fleur de Lys Coughtel Quy Nhon

Seaside Boutique Resort Quy Nhon

Seaside Boutique Resort Quy Nhon is called by many tourists with the beautiful name of "the perfect picture of architectural and construction art". Located next to the beach is a large swimming pool, surrounded by green coconut trees. Around each house, the villa is a verdant tropical garden with many typical herbs.

Sea-view rooms at Seaside Boutique Resort are designed in European architecture full of sophistication and luxury. Imported furniture shows the class in European style, meticulously cared for and sophisticated, bringing a feeling of "luxury - genuine - smooth" that makes many visitors fascinated.

Besides, luxurious swimming pool, outdoor rooftop bar with beautiful sea view. There is also a sports area, a 5-star restaurant with a luxurious space serving a full range of Asian – European dishes and regional specialties that will bring a great culinary experience to visitors.

Geography only: National Highway 1D Bridge, 2, Bai Bang, Cau River, Binh Dinh

CoughTline: 0257 3720 226

Entry price kGood: From 1.226.000 VND/night

Seaside Boutique has a classic European style. Photo credit: Seaside Boutique Resort

Anya Coughtel Quy Nhon

ANYA Coughtel Quy Nhon is an international standard hotel, located in a prime location in the heart of Cough Chi Minh City. Quy Nhon is famous for its beautiful beaches along the eastern edge of the coast. The hotel has a total of 229 rooms with beautiful sea and city views.

The hotel includes a restaurant serving Asian and American dishes, local cuisine, a bar, a wellness spa and a Himalayan salt rock sauna... promises to be a great resort for visitors when coming to this coastal city of Quy Nhon.

Address: 44 An Duong Vuong, Nguyen Van Cu, Quy Nhon City

CoughTline: 0256 2222 268

Entry price kGood: From 1,600.000D/ night

You have You can watch the sunset in the open sea from your hotel room. Photo credit: ANYA Coughtel

Crown Retreat Quy Nhon Resort

Crown Retreat Quy Nhon Resort is a luxury resort with 50 modern and equally luxurious bungalows. Typical architecture and equipment combine harmoniously and sophisticatedly. Modern resort room design combined with coastal culture has created a harmonious space between sea, wind, nature and heaven and earth.

Geography only: Coarsen Trung Luong, Phu Cat, Binh Dinh

CoughTline: 0256 6502 468

Entry price kGood: From 2.000.000VND/ night

Catching the sunrise on the sea is a must-do when coming to Quy Nhon. Photo source: Crown Retreat Resort

A great vacation will be indispensable for high-class resorts, resorts, and hotels. Coughpefully, the above 8 places will bring you the most memorable vacation in this coastal city of Quy Nhon. Let's schedule and go enjoy now!

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