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Relaxing weekend at Mane Kitchen & Winebar

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Mane is not only a restaurant, but also a connector that brings cultures closer together through the language of food.

Mane is not a new face in Ho Chi Minh City, but actually just changed the location and changed the concept to casual dining and wine bar more than a year ago to become more accessible. Before that, some people may have known them as Gastronomy Mane (fine dining).

Through a small corridor, you enter a space decorated with bamboo, cork, wood and rattan, surrounded by billions of different sounds, mumbling stories over teacups, the sound of porcelain cups colliding with each other. A space couldn't be more Vietnamese, but it doesn't confine you, it even gives you hope, shows you that Vietnamese people can go further.

Located in the heart of Saigon, Mane carries the essence of the city, which is the core of Vietnamese spirit and the intersection of many cultures from East to West. Vietnameseness, most conspicuous is in the way the Mane is decorated. Born into street food culture, Mane wants to retain a familiar atmosphere and heartfelt stories, whether it's with friends or waitresses, about Vietnamese cuisine, about a dish you haven't had the opportunity to try, or even Tet holiday plans.

With the desire to get closer to Vietnamese people, Mane transformed into Mane Kitchen & Wine Bar, offering more options (from 20 menu items to 40 dishes), more accessible (more affordable price, from a restaurant of up to 30 diners to a restaurant of 3 floors). Scaling up, meeting more people means more challenges, and Mane is still learning to adapt every day.

Besides, if there is one thing Mane is proud of, it is the "collection" of wines at the restaurant. And although there are still absent Vietnamese flavors such as glutinous wine, rice wine, or most desserts that still do not have their own highlights, Mane has built an excellent menu, both personal and capable of "touching" many people – while bringing the world to Vietnam, also to bring Vietnam to the world.

Mane is not only a restaurant, but also a connector that brings cultures closer together through the language of food. Proud to be one of the pioneers of Vietnamese fusion cuisine, we bring many colorful culinary experiences to Vietnamese people as well as international friends.

The ground floor is a very large open kitchen

The first floor is the main dining area and bar, located indoors and air-conditioned, with a "smart mirror" design that feels much more spacious than it actually is

The second floor is two private rooms, with an open space for guests who want to sit outdoors.

Address: 24 Nguyen Thi Nghia, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1

Opening hours: 10:30am-11pm (open all weekends)

Phone: +84 82 399 9980

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Photo: Mane Kitchen & Winebar

Image source: Multiple authors
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