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Green Bay Resort & Spa - Green resort at 4-star resort in Phu Quoc

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Green Bay Resort & Spa with green space covered, brings visitors interesting experiences in Phu Quoc island.

Located in the northwest of Phu Quoc, Green Bay Resort & Spa makes a mark in the hearts of visitors thanks to its peaceful and peaceful image. In the vast space, the resort is fully embraced by nature, blowing cool the whole sky, giving visitors a resort experience bold with unique indigenous culture.

Owning a large area, up to 11 hectares, but the resort is only built on 10% of the area to preserve nature on Phu Quoc pearl island. This place aims to create a resort masterpiece with pristine beauty, and many interesting experiences. Visitors can admire the luxurious interior space, using natural materials such as wood and bamboo that are environmentally friendly. Green Bay Phu Quoc pays attention to adding every small detail in the design, creating harmony for the overall.

The resort owns a total of 81 bungalows and villas, with 8 different room types. Each room class offers an impressive structure, with special views of the sea, garden and forest. The main color tone of the room exudes the characteristics of the indigenous culture. The rustic wood color range combined with the green of the forest leaves, with a hint of ivory white of the lime walls creates a complete whole.

Diverse culinary styles are one of the strengths that you easily notice when enjoying your stay here. Green Bay Phu Quoc owns 3 large restaurants, located in 3 different areas, satisfying each taste and taste of diners. The taste journey will be started by the roots of Vietnamese food tradition and culture at Coral Bay restaurant. Visitors enjoy the sunset party in the romantic setting of nature, in harmony with the care and meticulousness of the chef. In particular, snacks with unique and original flavors are an unforgettable experience for visitors. An island cocktail gives visitors an exciting experience.

Coral Bay Tiki Lounge is also a suitable place to entertain with many fun games, epic live music sessions, worth admiring. Wind Restaurant is located in a prime location in Green Bay Phu Quoc resort. Possessing a high view compared to sea level, the wind directs a panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand, providing a space to enjoy romantic and poetic cuisine. This restaurant prioritizes serving unique Vietnamese dishes in different localities.

Green Bay restaurant is a place loved by many visitors because of its beautiful landscape and unique view. East-West cuisine converges in Green Bay. Typical Asian and European dishes with green ingredients stir up the taste buds, making you immersed in color - taste - taste. Green Bay Phu Quoc chefs take advantage of resources from the resort itself with the motto "from farm to banquet". Therefore, when enjoying the dish, visitors will feel the freshness of ingredients and unique recipes from the chefs.

Many physical activities are held at Green Bay Phu Quoc with the goal of maintaining and balancing health for visitors. Join yoga classes at the beach or the green forest that surrounds the resort, the treatment hours at the spa give visitors many valuable experiences. In the peaceful space of the resort, guests will listen to the murmur of waves and begin a relaxing journey while enjoying the special scent of essential oils and cedar. This is one of the experiences for visitors with many unforgettable memories.

Stopping at Green Bay Resort, visitors listen to the emotions of refreshment, distraction, release their soul into nature, breathe fresh air and regenerate positive energy for life. Green Bay Resort is expected to bring visitors many interesting inspirations during a short vacation in Phu Quoc pearl island.

Address: Hamlet 4, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province

Phone: 0297 6267 799

Price range: From 2 million VND

Website: https://greenbayphuquocresort.com/


Photo: Fb Green Bay Phu Quoc

Image source: Multiple authors
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