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What to play in Danang during the Fireworks Festival?

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Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024 (DIFF 2024) opens on June 8 and lasts until July 13. In addition to the main program, this year's festival has many new features. Along with that, companion programs are expected to be organized on a large scale with rich content.

Fireworks Festival

DIFF 2024 has the theme "Made in Unity - Global Connectivity - Radiant in the Five Continents", conveying the message of a world of peace, friendship, humanity and honoring values that inspire the community.

The opening night takes place on the evening of June 8 between the Vietnamese team and the defending 2023 champions - France. The nights will be followed by Italy-USA (June 15), Germany-Poland (June 22), China-Finland (June 29) and the July 13 finale. Each show has its own theme. Each team will have 20-22 minutes to perform.

Tickets to see at the stage cost 800,000 VND to 3 million VND according to 5 classes of stands.


Jetski demonstration at Asia Park

This summer, for the first time, Da Nang launched a show applying advanced technologies Jetski and Flyboard called Symphony of River. This is an art performance that combines extreme sports with music, lighting, water dances and fireworks. Symphony of River is scheduled to take place at Asia Park with two performances including a daytime show and an evening show combining fireworks shows.

Meet the world's artists in Ba Na

Circus artists and magicians, including the legendary Maestro Voronin, also known as the David Copperfield of world comedy magicians, or the Crystal Ladies, twin stars who appeared at The Ellen Show, artist couple Oleg Izossimov, circus performer Hand Balancing and Olga Moreva, The world's leading swinging circus artist... will perform in Ba Na.

Show Wow Kingdom is a circus and magic show with performances such as balancing, diabolo, juggling, swinging, flexing; Hay Fairy Blossom show with more than 300 artists, circus performers, dancers, dancers, musicians. In addition, there is a show for the LGBT community, bringing together 15 artists including 6 queens (beauty winners at world LGBT competitions), influential figures, many contributions to the LGBT community and fighting for gender equality.

Enjoy the night view from the city's oldest bridge

From the beginning of June 6, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge will become a scenic walking street at night. This is the first new tourism product launched of Da Nang city to attract people and tourists in the summer, creating more entertainment products at night. Here, there will be cultural activities, arts, community activities, business and service areas and children's play areas, combined with the walking street along the Han River. From Nguyen Van Troi pedestrian bridge, residents and visitors can watch Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge at night, enjoy fireworks displays.

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is located next to Tran Thi Ly Bridge, 4 km from the Han River Turnpike, built in the 1960s. This is the first road bridge across the Han River, serving to transport US military weapons from Tien Sa port into the inner city of Da Nang during the war years.

Cultural and entertainment events

Da Nang will organize 40 companion activities during DIFF 2024 including Random dance Kpop program, Water Fest, DANAFF II film festival, Southeast Asian Student Games... Along with that, visitors will have the opportunity to explore Danang at night with experience programs such as: Charming shows, Ao Dai shows, Han River excursion programs on cruise ships, cyclo tours. In addition, there are also activities of tourist streets, night markets such as An Thuong tourist street, Helio night market, My An night beach.

Accommodations combined with fireworks viewing

The stage of DIFF 2024 is located on the side of Tran Hung Dao Street. The fireworks display point is located near the Danang Civic Center building at the end of Bach Dang Street. The most obvious fireworks viewing point is at the main stage of the festival.

However, visitors can also watch the fireworks from surrounding hotels including hotels on Bach Dang Street, the section from the Han River Bridge towards 3/2 Street (towards the fireworks site) or hotels on the side of Tran Hung Dao Street. Han River cruises are also interesting options for those who want to experience DIFF in a new way.


Danang cuisine is always an experience not to be missed for visitors when coming here. Typical dishes: pork rice paper rolls, Cau Mong veal, seafood, Quang noodles, fish cake noodles, soup cakes, battered cakes, Nam O fish salad, noodle mam seasoning, pancakes, durian tea.

Recommended restaurants: Tran specialties, Mau restaurant, fish noodles on Nguyen Chi Thanh street, seafood along Vo Nguyen Giap street and the foot of Dragon bridge, Nam O Co Hong fish salad, Ba Nuu pancakes, durian tea ...

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