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Check-in statue of ghostly dragon about to be demolished in Hue

Translated by Bing
"Abandoned water park in Vietnam, not for the faint of heart" Thuy Tien Lake, about 7 km from Hue city center.

Thuy Tien Lake amusement park located in Thuy Bang commune (Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province) was built in 2001 with a total cost of 70 billion VND, including many items such as: Aquarium house, water music stage, water games, promenade around the lake. The project was put into operation in 2004, but was later abandoned because the economic efficiency was not as expected. But it is also the desolation and degradation that has inadvertently created the "ghost" and mystery of this work and made it an attractive destination for tourists who love to explore.

In 2016, the The Huffington Post The US has an article about Thuy Tien Lake tourist area with the title: "Abandoned water park in Vietnam, not for the faint of heart" reflecting the desolation and ruin of this resort. In 2020, the magazine Insider suddenly put Thuy Tien Lake Park on the list of the most attractive abandoned parks in the world. Television stations CNN also rated Thuy Tien Lake Park in the top 10 amusement parks that have been closed forever and enchanting.

The most prominent feature of this park is the image of a giant dragon winding in the aquarium house. This large and unique symbol becomes the ideal background in photos. Not stopping there, visitors slowly move inside. In narrow spaces, lack of light... giving visitors a shiver while stimulating the imagination. It is an interesting experience for those who have "blood" to explore and conquer unique things.

With the continuous appearance on social networking platforms, this place has become a must-visit and check-in destination for many people going to the ancient capital of Hue, especially young people and foreign tourists. However, in the near future, visitors may no longer have the opportunity to visit this giant dragon-shaped aquarium. Because, according to the plan, this project will be demolished by the auction enterprise to hand over the land to the government.

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