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Luxury camping in Da Lat with "Camping Art by Mo Jen"

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As a Glamping-style campsite, Camp Art by Mu Jen is a place where you can experience all the characteristics of Dalat, from pine forests, lakes, hazy morning mist, chilly air to romantic, cozy space for gatherings and intimate dates.

Nordic village in the middle of pine forest

Camp Art by Mí Jen is named after the stage name of photographer Nguyen Nghia. After many visits to Thailand, he was especially impressed with the camping resort service here and cherished the plan to bring this model to Vietnam. With his determination and tinkering, after 3 months of preparation, Mr. Nghia launched his own Camp Art in Dalat.

The campsite "Mu Jen" is located on a land area of 2,000m2, surrounded by hundreds of soaring pine trees, cool lakes and poetic grassy hills. Under the forest trees, Nordic-style white tents are scattered and stand out among the green space and facing the lakeshore. This type of thick fabric tent placed on top of wooden pallets should be strong, airtight, quiet and clean.

Outside the tent, there are beautiful small wooden tables and chairs so that visitors can sit and read, sip coffee, enjoy the scenery or bask in the warm morning sunshine. Inside, there are full warm blankets, soft mattresses and lighting systems.

The campground also has a bar designed like a classic car in white tones. Not only serving drinks, this bar is also a favorite "virtual living" place for campers.

Relying on nature, respecting and preserving the available values, at the campsite "Me Jen", visitors will leave out the forest the fatigue and sorrow of life, to really enjoy the cold air of the mountains and hills, a misty morning, or an afternoon of brilliant sunset through each row of interstitial trees.

The perfect dinner

Dinner in the woods is the most anticipated experience at Camp Art. The high-class menu includes a variety of scrumptious dishes such as Australian beef steak, smoked goose breast, spaghetti, asparagus, mushroom soup, sausage, potatoes, served with fresh vegetable specialties in Dalat. Delicious food in the cold weather in Da Lat makes the culinary experience even more impressive.

The atmosphere will be warmed up with a flickering campfire. People sat around, warming up, chatting and listening to melodious music in the middle of the mountains and forests. This is the time when you can exchange, sing, create unforgettable moments of harmony.

New Day Sunrise

Even if you stay up late at night, you should still try to wake up early to watch the morning mist flying over the lake, or the rays of the dawn sun shining through the thin clouds. Then, take a deep breath to fill your chest with fresh air, then start a clear breakfast with a menu of bread, eggs, cup noodles, biscuits, Choco sauce, coffee, strawberry tea, milk...

You have

Experience boating, hill climbing, yoga, walking in the pine forest or harvesting vegetables... in the surrounding area during his camping trip.

Notes when camping at Camp Art by Mu Jen

Location: CampArt by Mu Jen, Golden Valley tourist area adjacent to Rose Grass Hill, about 12 km from the center of Da Lat

Cost: 890,000 VND/person, including tents and food.

The camping tour starts from about 17h to 9pm the next day, open weekdays, serving up to 40 guests per night. Each tent can accommodate from 2 to 12 people.

The toilet and bathing area is about 200m from the campsite

3G waves are not too strong, there is no wifi, limited running water.

The camp offers a canoe priced at VND 100,000 round trip to visit the hill of pink grass and lonely pine trees

Items to bring: Toiletries, insect repellent, flashlight, power bank, warm jacket (due to deep night temperature) ...

The type of camping depends mainly on the weather, so activities can be postponed or canceled if the weather is unfavorable.


Photo: Fb CampArt by Mu Jen

Image source: Multiple authors
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