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Types of sleeper cars for tourists in Vietnam

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Traveling by sleeper bus is popular in Vietnam, recently many foreign visitors are also interested in this type of vehicle.

Sleeper buses are a popular means of transportation in Vietnam and many Southeast Asian countries such as Laos, the Philippines, Thailand. Vietnamese tourists choose to travel to domestic destinations by bus because of the convenience, faster travel time than trains, cheaper cost than flying, No need to do complicated procedures. Foreign tourists traveling on their own also seek this medium.

Passenger cars come in many types from seats to sleepers with different standards. Below is a summary of sleeper cars based on the information provided by the tour guide and the reporter's experience.

This means of transportation is usually for distances over 100 km long. There are two popular sleeper cars: economy class and car with cabin.

Economy sleeper car 

Economy cars are available in 44-seat, 34-seater and 32-seater types. The beds are usually divided into 3 ranges, 2 tiers, each for one guest to lie down. The bed size fits guests with a body less than 180 cm. Basic vehicle amenities include curtains for each bed, blankets, and drinking water. Some cars have additional USB charging ports, LCD screens, LED lights.

Visitors boarding the car are required to put shoes and slippers into plastic bags. Large luggage such as suitcases are stowed in the trunk, personal belongings can be carried in the car, shoes are stored in the recess at the end of the bed. Guests who want a convenient location should choose a bed downstairs. The upper bunk bed is suitable for those who want privacy, but are inconvenient to climb up and down.

The price of economy cars ranges from 250,000 -300,000 VND. For example, the route Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat is more than 600 km long, traveling about 8 hours, with an average price of 280,000 VND per passenger. Guests need to book tickets 2-3 days in advance to choose the location and time of the bus as desired. Vehicles running during daylight hours are usually slower than when running at night because of multiple stops. Guests can book tickets via the operator or the garage's app. In addition, it can be booked through applications that provide online travel services or on e-wallets.

Premium sleeper car

High-end sleeper cars are 22 cabins, divided into 2 ranges, 2 floors. Each cabin can accommodate two adults up to a maximum height of about 170 cm. This model is more comfortable, each cabin usually has an LCD screen, charging port, a mattress with massage mode. Some vehicles are equipped with WC. Similar to economy class sleeper cars, guests need to book tickets in advance. The ticket price is about 300,000 VND - 450,000 VND per cabin. This type of car is suitable for visitors who want a comfortable and private place when traveling long distances. The garage usually picks up and drops off passengers at the required address.

In addition to sleeper cars, visitors can use seat cars (usually for routes under 100 km), economy class with a capacity of 16 seats, 29 seats and 45 seats, priced under 100,000 VND. These vehicles run continuously, available, but the disadvantage is that they often stop to catch passengers along the road before running onto the highway, the driving time usually moves about 15-20 minutes.

In the more advanced segment, there are 9-seat, 11-seat, 17-seat, 19-seater or 22-28-seater limousine seats. Comfort in the car is more advanced than economy seat coaches. The seat is upholstered with soft cushioning, charging outlet, drinking water, wet wipes, LCD screen on the back of the seat. Usually, visitors to this car often book tickets in advance, the car rarely stops to catch passengers along the road. The price ranges from 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND. This type of car is suitable for guests who want comfortable service, spacious and private seats.

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