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Dinner in Man Moi

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Man Moi Restaurant is located in Tay Thao Dien neighborhood, specializing in regional specialties throughout Vietnam, which was first included in the list of "delicious, affordable" by Michelin.

Spice Bistro loves the sophistication of Vietnamese cuisine, charming like the way gentle grandmothers and mothers take care of their families. Inspired by pure Vietnamese rice, there are always enough flavors and dishes to help Man Moi select and meticulously implement each dish every day, from eye-catching snacks to hearty main dishes used with rice, then cool soups and happy desserts.

Inspired by pure Vietnamese rice, there are always enough flavors and dishes to help the restaurant select and meticulously implement each dish every day, from eye-catching dishes to hearty main dishes served with rice, then cool soups and happy desserts.

The restaurant has an open space, and the theme is inspired by nature. The utensils are all in the Vietnamese spirit with wooden tables and chairs, rustic dishes, aluminum chopstick holders covered with banana leaves, surrounded by landscape paintings of three regions. From the space to the food, it is reminiscent of the Vietnamese family rice tray.

The restaurant's menu spans the specialties of the three regions of Vietnam, divided into salads, soups, main courses, grilled dishes, desserts, hot pot dishes and hot pot. The dishes before being included in the menu are censored and appraised by Vietnamese culinary experts and artisans. In addition to serving traditional dishes, the restaurant also has the orientation to preserve little-known local dishes and dishes at risk of being lost.

At Man Moi, there are also regular exchanges with Vietnamese culinary artisans, allowing diners to learn about typical regional dishes such as Can Gio, Binh Phuoc, and Hue specialties. These exchanges have their own menus, which are dishes with local themes.

Grilled rice in three regions includes chicken, Northern-style ribs, Central-style chicken and Southern-style beef. Northwest-style key ribs use lean and balanced ribs so that they do not dry out when grilled. The ribs are marinated for an hour with Northwest spices including forest ant salt, doi seeds, and macadamia. Tam Ky chicken of Quang Nam combined with Phu Yen é leaves. The chef said that he often chooses chicken of 1.2 -1.3 kg, stuffed with spices in the belly and then sewn again to help preserve the aroma of é leaves and to retain water, the chicken does not dry out. The é leaves are finely ground to make sauce. The chicken and beef are both grilled in an earthen pot. The dishes of Man Moi are extremely attractive and full of local flavors.

In addition to savory dishes, the restaurant has a sweet menu for dessert. Baked wax banana with coconut milk is a Western specialty chosen by many diners. The coconut milk is set aside, diners chan more or less depending on taste. The dish is served when the bananas have just been grilled with hot coals. Another Western snack on the dessert menu is honey ginseng mist with coconut jaggery. Ginseng dew, jaggery, alum sugar rim filled with coconut milk.

The space at Man Moi restaurant has a capacity of more than 100 guests. The restaurant's representative said that being awarded the Bib Gourmand award by Michelin is an opportunity to spread many regional Vietnamese dishes to foreign diners, to international friends to know more about rich Vietnamese cuisine not only with pho or bread.

Salty Moi - Thao Dien

The restaurant area is surrounded by an open courtyard and a green garden, with pleasant bells and soft lighting. An ideal place to meet and also fun for a romantic date.

Address: 32 D11, Thao Dien Ward, District 2

Phone: 0899 189 218

Salty Moi - Tao Dan

Located in the middle of the city, the restaurant space is still very airy with many trees. It is a cozy place for domestic and international tourists to enjoy pure Vietnamese cuisine.

Address: 34 Vo Van Tan, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3

Phone: 0899 189 218

Diep Hoang

Photo: Man Moi Restaurant

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