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BANLA Boutique Hotel Dalat, a new experience in Da Lat

Translated by Bing
The spirit and essence of Dalat people are clearly reflected in the architecture that continues the heritage of BANLA, from the stone brick walls with the old breath, to the markers, wooden ceilings, or even the interwoven windows overlooking the mountain landscape outside.

BANLA Boutique Hotel is a part of Dalat, bearing in itself the vestiges of Dalat, as well as a spiritual symbol with the desire to "be flat" or warm the tired wrinkled souls returning from the chaos of life. The image of the "iron" is used to describe the cold of Dalat; And it is in the cold weather all year round that nature, culture, architecture, cuisine and human lifestyle are formed and have the most pronounced local characteristics.

Located 4km southwest of Hoa Binh center, BANLA is a building that condenses in it the memories of Dalat. Each of these details will contribute to creating a lot of contemplation and nostalgia for guests every time they remember the land of thousands of flowers.

Twin room is quite spacious with an area of 30m2, 2 beds of 1m2 but the space still has the typical coziness of Banla. The room is designed in classic European style based on the indigenous spirit of Dalat with details of bricks, walls, wood and handmade grindstone baths; The unique design dedicated to the Twin Room will not be repeated in any other room.

Classic room has a classic, simple and cozy design. The room has an area of 17m2 just enough for 2 adults. The small window of the classic room is like a picture capturing the whole scenery of Dalat in sight, giving you a special experience only at Banla.

Deluxe balcony - a room with a small balcony full of flowers overlooking Nguyen Dinh Chieu street in front of Banla. From the bathroom to the corner of the table in the guest room, the windows are carefully cut and sharpened stone, they have different shapes and do not overlap, they open up new perspectives of the mountain town. At the same time, trees and flower pots planted outside the door also create a feeling of comfort and harmony with nature. And even if you choose this place for a workcation-style stay, this room is filled with inspiration for work ideas.

Classic mountain view is both classic and has its own charm from colors, cabinets, doorways to floors. You can immerse yourself in the romance of the streets of Da Lat visible outside the window, in the distance are rolling mountains engulfed in mist. Classic mountain view has an area of 18m2 with a bed of 1m6, cozy space, just enough for 2 adults and 1 child. The hand-grinded bathtub will allow you to enjoy a comfortable private time while staying at Banla.

Connecting Room - a "connected" room when you are in a group or a family of 4, where you can gather together in a common space and still be completely private at the beginning of sleep. Connecting Room is inspired by the bedroom in an old villa in the South of France, where people often spend time together to chat after a wine tasting brewed in the basements, the coziness that follows that spreads throughout the room.

Élite Room is the most advanced room class in Banla with an area of 35m2, a bed of 1m8 and a classic sofa corner decorated exquisitely. Élite Room consists of rooms 402 and 403, different design and décor but both bring a feeling of warmth, luxury and evoke the typical nostalgic feeling in Banla. The windows with a view overlooking the mountain town are perfect for you to rest and admire the charming beauty of Dalat. The grindstone bath is hand-honed by skilled craftsmen and inspired by European style, next to the bathtub there are small windows to enjoy the view while relaxing.

Deluxe Window is a small room of 18m2 with special windows for you to enjoy the most typical scenery of Dalat. The sunny morning spilled through the doorframe, small streaks of sunlight danced and woke guests up to welcome the new day with a lot of joy. Some Deluxe Window rooms are designed with arched doors and classic tile colors, others have a cozy look of wood and a simple and sophisticated style, you can contact Banla's reservation department for advice on the rooms that best suit your preferences.

With a modest area of 20m2, Attic Room (penthouse) expresses the coziness of a room often found in ancient European villas. The special thing about the Attic Room is the small doorways overlooking the city, the young green foliage of the pine trees in the distance and the rolling mountains on the horizon. Attic Room has a grindstone bathtub, warm mattress beds (1m6 for 2 people) and a full range of amenities, mini bar according to high boutique hotel standards.

The menu at BANLA is inspired by natural ingredients of Dalat, thereby creating and transforming more. On the A la Carte menu, you should enjoy 3 typical dishes: cao lau for breakfast, iced milk coffee for energy all day and black squid spaghetti for an appointment in the afternoon. And to close an evening full of vibes about Dalat, there is nothing more perfect than a cocktail "In the mood for Dalat".

Address: 47 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Dalat, Vietnam

Phone: +842633633777


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