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Exquisite court cuisine in Hue restaurants

Translated by Bing
Not only famous for its imperial architecture and ancient historical relics, the ancient capital of Hue is also the richest and most diverse culinary treasure in Vietnam.

Visitors come to explore cuisine in Hue not only to experience the taste of delicious dishes but also to contemplate all the quintessence and characteristics of the culinary style here. In Hue, dishes from rustic, simple dishes to delicious sorghum dishes are prepared very elaborately and carefully like works of art.

Join Migo to discover 4 special restaurants with cultural dishes in Hue that you definitely cannot ignore when traveling to this beautiful land.

Ancient Hue Garden Houses

Located on Phu Mong village road near Thien Mu Pagoda, Ancient Hue Garden Houses, also known as Hue Ancient owns a large area of up to 2,000 m2 and is designed with bold traditional architectural style. 

Hue Co is praised by many people more than an ordinary restaurant but more like a cultural and artistic complex that you should not ignore when traveling to Hue. Bronze burners, ancient wells, lotus lakes,... this place appears as the magnificent palace of the royal families of the Nguyen Dynasty..

However, not only the impressive garden space but the menu here is also worth mentioning with delicious dishes prepared in court style. Outstanding specialties here include Royal Palace Appetizer, tiger shrimp, French five-flavored duck, Hue tea, homemade ice cream, premium pastries.

Address: 47/104 Kim Long Street, Kim Long Ward, Hue

Photo: Ancient Hue Garden Houses

Old Space

Space Xua is a restaurant system consisting of 3 addresses in Hue city with typical house architecture of the ancient capital. It is a Hue garden house space with tile roof, brick yard, areca bush, banana corner at 98 Minh Mang, is a row of houses close to each other between 205 Dien Bien Phu street and nostalgic and modern features in the center of 76 Le Loi pedestrian street.

Space Xua serves more than 300 fresh and attractive dishes, exploiting Hue's culinary treasures by introducing traditional, unique and new flavors with bold flavors of the ancient capital. This place is famous for its dishes such as shark fin, abalone, sea cucumber, bird's nest, peacock spring rolls and phoenix rolls,...  and also potent house rice dishes such as: rice nieu rice, fig mixed with shrimp meat, boiled jackfruit with seasoned fish sauce or lemongrass meat stock,... suitable for the taste of all diners.

Ancient Space Restaurant System: 205 Dien Bien Phu/98 Minh Mang/76 Le Loi

Photo: Old Space

Long Quang Boat

Long Quang boat moored at Luong Dinh pier is a restaurant combined with café, where you can experience rich and diverse cuisine among the romantic river scenery of Hue. 

With 6 menus, more than 40 rich dishes, you will enjoy the authentic dishes of the ancient capital made from fresh local ingredients with the careful selection of talented chefs. What could be more wonderful than dining on a boat in the middle of the poetic and lyrical Huong Giang river.

With a maximum number of 70 guests, Long Quang Boat is a great place in the heart of Hue city center for gatherings, corporate parties or other special occasions.

Address: Ben Nghe Luong Dinh, Le Duan Street, Hue (opposite Phu Van Lau)

Photo: Long Quang boat

Jing Jiayuan

About 500m east of the Imperial Citadel, Tinh Gia Vien is a famous restaurant opened by artisan Ton Nu Thi Ha with the desire to become a messenger to promote Vietnamese cuisine to new heights. If you love the old Hue or the cozy and close space and spacious garden, Tinh Gia Vien is a reasonable choice for the first time to experience this regal cuisine.

When dining at Tinh Gia Vien, diners will be dressed in costumes and hats of kings and officials of the Nguyen Dynasty. The food here is also made to resemble a banquet in the court. After enjoying the unique delicious food, you can also stroll around Tinh Gia Vien to see the strange and beautiful ornamental pots brought from many countries around the world and see the collection of gems with hundreds of varieties. Each person will find their soul more relaxed and excited, removing fatigue after a busy working week, or a long trip.

Address: 7/28 Le Thanh Ton, Hue

Photo: Tinh Gia Vien


Image source: Multiple authors
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