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9 luxurious 3-star hotels in Sapa, standard service, beautiful view

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3-star Sapa hotel hidden on the side of the mountain, beautiful comfortable rooms, rich services, delicious cuisine will make your Sapa vacation more complete. Let's take a look at the top 9 famous 3-star Sapa hotels that tourists must visit when coming to Sapa.

Lotus Aroma Sapa Hotel

Lotus Aroma Sapa Hotel impresses visitors with its impressive neoclassical architecture, from the reception hall to each room is elegant and luxurious. Accompanied by an impressive interior is comfortable and cozy equipment like a home resort.

This classy 3-star Sapa hotel is located right in the heart of Sapa town. From here, visitors can easily visit many famous tourist destinations. There is also free parking, a fitness center and a high-class restaurant system serving breakfast - lunch - dinner, so that you and your family and relatives can easily enjoy authentic Sapa dishes without going far.

Hotel Information

Address: N1 road, Sapa town, Sapa district, Lao Cai

Phone number: 098 893 9393

Pricing: 900.000 - 3.000.000VND/night

Eden Boutique Hotel Sapa

As a 3-star Sapa hotel located near the town center, from Eden Boutique Hotel Sapa you only take 3 minutes walk to Sun Plaza and about 1.1km to Tien Sa Waterfall in Cat Cat village.

Eden Boutique Hotel Sapa is designed in neoclassical style. The interior space of the hotel is like a painting combining the poetic quality of Sapa with the pompous beauty of classic u Chau architecture to create an elegant and luxurious look attractive to anyone who stops here.

The balcony has a beautiful wide view overlooking the town, giving visitors peaceful waking mornings or interesting afternoon tea by the window.

Eden Boutique Hotel Sapa also has a spa system of Red Dao tobacco bath and massage services to help guests fully relax after trekking trips to explore the mountains and forests. In particular, the hotel also provides a full breakfast in the form of buffet and alacarte with diverse and attractive food.

Hotel Information:

Address: No. 03B Thac Bac Street, Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province

Phone number: 0214 6288 866

Pricing: 800.000-2.800.000VND/ night

Sapa Horizon Hotel

Sapa Horizon Hotel is one of the 3-star Sapa hotels located in the center of the most visited town. This place is only about 50m from the Stone Church, Sapa market, extremely convenient when you want to explore every corner of the old town on foot.

The most impressive at Sapa Horizon Hotel is the room system with "two sides view". These rooms are equipped with transparent glass doors and large balconies that open out to the mountains, giving guests the feeling of truly immersing themselves in the vast nature of the Northwest.

Where you can open the window to let the fresh morning mist of the Northwest mountains and forests flood into the room, sit at the balcony leisurely enjoying the early sunshine or watch the floating clouds flooding the valley and enjoy a quiet, peaceful Sapa.

Hotel Information:

Address: No. 18 Pham Xuan Huan, Sapa town, Sapa district, Lao Cai province

Phone number: 0214 3872 683

Pricing: 1.500.000-3.500.000VND/night

Notes: Massage, Spa, Breakfast in the Room, Laundry

Bamboo Sapa Hotel

Bamboo Sapa Hotel is famous as the first 3-star Sapa hotel with an impressive infinity pool. Not only that, this is also a hotel located in a prime location with a direct mountain view, a famous check-in place not to be missed when visiting Sapa.

The main color of the room is creamy white combined with cozy wood brown, creating a feeling of relaxation. Rooms here are airy with a balcony with romantic mountain view.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel is a perfect destination to feel the pace of life of Sapa when you can conveniently move to May Bridge, Silver Waterfall, Sapa Square. This will be one of the 3-star hotels in Sapa to help you enjoy a meaningful trip.

Hotel Information:

Address: No. 18 Muong Hoa Street, Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province

Phone number: 091 551 0689

Pricing: 1.500.000 - 9.000.000 VND/ night

Sapa Green Hotel & Spa

If you are planning to explore Fansipan peak, this trip to Sapa, Sapa Green Hotel & Spa is an option not to be missed.

Not only stands out in the center of Sapa town, this place also attracts tourists with the experience of esoteric medicinal leaf bathing of the Red Dao ethnic people. You will be immersed in a wooden tub from the Pomu tree and relax with unique massage remedies to soothe muscles and restore great energy after a hard day conquering the roof of Indochina.

Hotel Information:

Address: 02 Hoang Lien Street, Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province

Phone number: 079 797 9970

Pricing: 800.000 - 2.200.000 VND/ night

Sapa Legend Hotel & Spa

Leaning back against the Ham Rong range, overlooking the misty Sapa lake, Sapa Legend Hotel & Spa not only owns a prime location in the town center, but also extremely convenient when you want to visit places in Sa Pa.

Clean and beautiful rooms, modern and cozy furniture, friendly and thoughtful service and amenities such as security, shuttle taxi will make the customer experience richer.

Hotel Information

Address: No. 1 Thu Dau 1, Sapa town, Sapa district, Lao Cai province

Phone number: 098 313 2888

Pricing: 1.000.000 - 3.500.000 VND/ night

Eco Palms House

Like a hiding place hidden between mountains and wild nature, Eco Palms House gives you a more native Sapa experience, closer to the wilderness but still no less comfortable and comfortable.

As a 3-star hotel, Sapa especially owns many rooms with beautiful mountain view overlooking the Hoang Lien range. The rooms have many open balconies, allowing visitors to enjoy the view of the picturesque Muong Hoa valley while enjoying forest tea or a warm cup of steaming coffee right under the eaves.

Each corner here is cared for to give visitors the most "Sa Pa" feeling such as: trying on costumes of indigenous ethnic people, drinking cat cider by the fire ...

Hotel Information:

Address: TT152, Lao Chai Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province

Phone number: 098 567 2888

Pricing: 2,000,000-3,500,000/night

Pistachio Sapa

Beautiful rooms, mountain view, delicious food, attentive enthusiastic service, afternoon tea pastries, impressive infinity pool, and many compliments are given to Pistachio Sapa – one of the top 4-star hotels in Sapa not to be missed when visiting Sa Pa.

The strongest impression of Pistachio Sapa Hotel is the interior style like a mix of classic European architecture blended delicately with typical cultural colors of the Northwest. You will encounter handmade products such as embroidery paintings, pillowcases ... With colorful brocade motifs, the fiery red forest banana vases combined into the luxurious wooden interior space in noble warm tones bring great relaxation and comfort.

Especially, when coming to Pistachio Sapa Hotel, you will not be able to miss the wonderful experience at the infinity pool, enjoy the chill minutes between charming water paint with clouds flying over your shoulders, some delicious wine and let go of all worries along with the clouds.

Hotel Information:

Address: No. 29 Group 5, Thac Bac Street, Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province

Phone number: 0214 3566 666

Pricing: 1.500.000 - 9.000.000 VND/ night

My Boutique Hotel &; Spa

My Boutique Hotel &; Spa is one of the destinations that is always in the top favorite 3-star hotels in Sa Pa, judging by visitors who have ever arrived. With a prime location in the town center, the hotel owns many beautiful views, for you to fully admire the whole town from many angles, so that you can enjoy and feel the pace of life of Sapa from above more interesting than ever.

If you love the luxurious minimalist style, My Boutique Hotel &; Spa will surely make you satisfied by the layout of the rooms with classic tones, gentle with black-white-navy blue. Visitors feel like returning to an elegant old Sapa, where time settles, where space stops drifting, dreamy light through curtains, delicious cuisine, white clouds and warm sunshine make all fatigue and bon chen disappear.

Hotel Information:

Address: No. 55 Muong Hoa Street, Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province

Phone number: 098 650 4925

Pricing: 800.000đ - 3.600.000đ/night

The accommodation is always the destination that determines up to 50% of the interesting experience for the trip, Migo hopes the 3-star hotels suggested above will help you have your own choice for the upcoming Sapa holiday.

Wish you have a very sweet and interesting trip to Sapa!

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