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8 tips for taking advantage of free hotel items

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You can use the super kettle, coffee maker, iron, hairdryer in the hotel to cook or make homemade speakers out of cups.

1. Super speed kettle, coffee machine

Coffee makers and kettles are familiar items that almost every budget hotel has. You can take advantage of these two devices to prepare some dishes if the hotel does not serve free breakfast buffet such as boiled eggs, steamed vegetables. You can also reheat food or heat a sandwich in a coffee maker, but it is recommended to use extra foil for more hygiene. Some make as fast as oat porridge, cup noodles can also be processed quickly with a coffee maker and super kettle.

2. Television

One of the traveler's nightmares is forgetting to charge your phone at home. If you accidentally forget, you can check the back of the television in the hotel, there may be a USB plug left so you can charge your devices. However, this method does not work for all types of devices. Moreover, this method should only be used for "firefighting", should not be used for a long time because it affects the quality of the machine. Also, if the room runs out of outlets, you can unplug the TV to plug in the phone charger (in case you bring a charger).

3. Clothes hangers

Clothes hangers are also commonly available in most hotels from budget to high-end. You can use them to tightly clamp the gap between two curtains. This avoids light leakage, making sleep better. Besides, if this gap is large, it can cause unsafety to the room when outsiders can look inside the room.

4. Sauna

Saunas in hotels often cost a lot. You can also create a free sauna at the hotel by letting the hot water drain into the bathtub and closing the door. The heat will envelop the room, enjoy the hot steam, soak your feet and relax after a tiring day, you can use your favorite essential oil and turn on music for an almost spa experience. In addition, steam can also help to be flat wrinkles of clothing.

5. Sugar

Supplies in minibars are usually charged, but tea, coffee and sugar packets are free. To exfoliate, you can use sugar, add a little water to form a mixture, help remove excess cells on the skin, make the skin smoother. This is also a popular way that many skincare followers apply at home, convenient and cheap.

6. Humidifying bath towels

Lying in an air-conditioned room for too long can cause you to feel dry throat, sinusitis, dry skin and nose. The fix is to wet the towel, then squeeze it out and hang it as close to the air conditioner as possible. This way helps the room to have more moisture, less dry.

7. Iron, hair dryer

In case the hotel room does not have a coffee maker, you can use an iron (iron) or hairdryer for cooking, in which, the iron is more handy. Many bloggers have shared their experiences of grilling sausages, cold cuts, vegetables, fried eggs by spreading foil on the irons to make "pans". However, this method requires the iron to be balanced, avoiding dropping food. In addition, you also need to be careful, avoid burns.

8. Make speakers out of cups

If the hotel room does not have a speaker, the simple method is to put the phone in the cup, noting to turn the speaker downwards. The sound will be amplified, reverberated and louder than usual. However, you need to adjust so as not to disturb the adjacent rooms.

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