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6 Vietnamese dishes in the top best snacks in Asia

Translated by Bing
Spring rolls, pancakes, spring rolls, shrimp rice, donuts, cakes are in the top 100 best snacks in Asia. The list was published by culinary site Taste Atlas in February.

Spring rolls (Vietnam) ranks 30th on the list. According to Taste Atlas, the special feature of this dish is the pork and shrimp filling, which is wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper. Ingredients for the filling, including vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, vermicelli, and bean sprouts. The patties will be deep-fried until they reach an eye-catching golden color, a thin, lightly crispy outer layer and a delicious filling. Picture: Serious Eats.

nem ran,  banh khot,  banh ran,  mon ngon the gioi anh 1

Banh Xeo (Vietnam) ranked 53rd. The dish resembles a form of savory crepes. The signature element is that rice flour is combined with water, turmeric and coconut milk to create a beautiful yellow pie crust. Other ingredients are green onions, bean sprouts, shrimp and cubed pork or beef, which are stir-fried before adding the mixture as a filling. Photo: Taste.

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Salad roll (Vietnam) ranked 57th, prepared with a thin layer of rice paper, bringing a feeling of freshness and frugality. The filling inside is the meat according to preferences such as pork, beef, shrimp, crab ... Serve with herbs such as mint, cilantro, cucumber. The dish is usually served with chili garlic fish sauce, or bean butter soy sauce, black sauce, seasoning sauce. Photo: Delish.

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Shrimp rice (Vietnam) ranked 73rd. This is a traditional dish of Vietnam, especially in Hue. Freshly ground shrimp, marinated with spices, then cleverly shaped around a sugarcane, then steamed, grilled or fried. Shrimp rice is usually served with freshly sliced vegetables, vermicelli, and sweet and sour dipping sauce. Photo: Wok and Kin.

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Donuts (Vietnam) ranked 87th, also known as orange cakes because of their shape like ripe oranges. The main ingredients of the cake are glutinous rice, green bean filling, rolled over the sesame layer and fried with hot oil. Depending on the region, the cake is made in many different sizes, the sesame crust is replaced with a paste. In addition to the green bean filling, the cake is also transformed into a savory cake served with sweet and sour fish sauce. Picture: Savoury Days Kitchen.

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Banh Khot (Vietnam) ranks 100th, is a savory cake. The crust is made from tedious rice flour, coated with a thin layer and cooked on an outdoor oven. The dough is poured into a specialized mold, then topped with different ingredients. After being prepared, the dish is served with herbs, along with a dipping sauce. Photo courtesy of Vicky Pham.

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