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6 impressive delicacies to try in Phu Quoc

Translated by Bing
Herring salad, vermicelli, Ham Ninh crab... are typical dishes of Phu Quoc that tourists should try when coming here.

Herring salad

Herring salad is a rustic dish but sophisticated in its preparation. Fish for salad must be very fresh to keep the meat sweet, not fishy. The fish is thoroughly made and the bones are removed, taking the meat on both sides. Then, mix the fish with sour sauce with onions, grated coconut, peanuts (peanuts), spices, etc. Depending on the restaurant, the chef will make a salad dressing with lemon juice or vinegar.

Spring rolls with all kinds of herbs, lettuce... Fresh fish meat gives a fatty taste combined with grated coconut, herbs mixed with spicy and sour dipping sauce, making diners stay forever.

Suggested address: 40 Mac Thien Tich, 261 Nguyen Trung Truc, 217 30/4 Street (Duong Dong).

Bun Khen

Bun khen (also known as bun kên) attracts diners because of the typical rustic features of the sea. The dish is prepared by people from barracuda or honeysuckle, giving it a sweet and fragrant taste. After steaming, the fish meat will be stir-fried with coconut milk, add curry powder, cashew oil, season with spices and stir well. This broth will be boiled over medium low heat until the mixture is thick, then season to taste.

A bowl of vermicelli consists of vermicelli, papaya and cucumber with shredded fibers, herbs, then pour in the freshly cooked broth, add a little fish sauce and lemon to wake up the smell. It is the aroma of the fish mixed with the fatty taste of the broth, the crunchiness of the papaya fibers and cucumbers in the bowl of vermicelli that gives diners a delicious feeling.

Suggested address: 87 30/4 Street; No. 4 Nguyen Trai, near the night market (Duong Dong).


The apricot is the part of the shell located in a sea oyster the size of the back of an adult's hand. This type of oyster is mushy, so coastal people often only use a round spoon the size of a coin to prepare dishes. If you want to get the scum, you have to smash the shell and separate the slime.

The pot can make all kinds of delicious dishes such as stir-frying, cooking porridge... but the most popular is still salted and grilled chili on embers. In particular, when grilling, you must be skillful, do not leave it for too long, making the whistle dry, hard and tough. Just the whistle just turned gold is ripe. The sweetness of the apricot bladder blends with a little saltiness of salt and spiciness from the chili to give you an unforgettable taste experience.

Suggested address: 334 Nguyen Trung Truc, 343 30/4 Street (Duong Dong), restaurants in Sao Beach.

Ham Ninh crab

Nature favors Ham Ninh waters with a mild and cool climate all year round, so the seafood here is diverse and fresh, especially crabs. The crab here has firm and fragrant meat, so it can be processed into many delicious dishes such as roasted tamarind, crab rice, spicy and sour crab soup, roasted with salt and chili... The best is still steamed because it retains its fresh taste.

Phu Quoc people shared, choosing steamed crabs, about 5-6 fish per kilogram. If you like to eat soft meat but have a lot of bricks, you should choose female crabs, while male crabs give firm and fragrant meat. Before steaming, use a sharp object to pierce the hollow of the crab, then wash it so that it does not fall off when steaming. Steamed crab served with salt, pepper, and chili stimulates the taste buds.

Suggested address: Ham Ninh fishing village, Ngoc Han seafood raft house (Ham Ninh commune).

Mackerel cake soup

Banh canh is one of the dishes that is quite familiar in Phu Quoc because of the fragrant taste of fish and the clear broth with a characteristic aroma. And it would be a mistake if you come to Pearl Island and have never enjoyed mackerel cake soup.

When placed in a bowl, the vermicelli is put in first, then add a few pieces of fried and steamed mackerel cakes, blood, a little fried garlic, onions and thorns... then pour the broth. Serve with bevel, chili and lemon. The aroma of the patties, the sweet taste of the broth, the spicy taste of chili peppers... attractive to the taste buds.

Suggested address: Phung soup cake shop at 27 Bach Dang, Thu Hanh shop on Bach Dang street, shop on 30/4 street (Duong Dong).

Bun Quoc

This famous specialty includes squid, shrimp cakes and fish cakes... accompanied by broth in eating and homemade dipping sauce including salt, MSG (main noodles), sugar, kumquat (kumquat), ground chili. Put everything in a bowl and stir vigorously so that the spices match and turn red-orange.

The special feature at many noodle shops in Phu Quoc is that you will make your own dipping sauce, balancing your taste as you like. If you want a special dipping sauce, you can ask the restaurant staff to guide you on how to mix the spices in the most harmonious way.

Suggested address: 28 Bach Dang Street, No. 77 30/4 Street, 141 Ly Thuong Kiet Street (Duong Dong).

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