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6 places to enjoy vegetarian bread in Ho Chi Minh City

Translated by Bing
Vegetarian bread in Ho Chi Minh City has many types, the crust can be from wheat flour, whole grains or added fruits such as gac fruit, dragon fruit. The vegetarian filling is as diverse as the savory cake with mushrooms, tofu, cardboard, vegetarian rolls, vegetarian ribs made from plants.

Bread Defect

Address: 86 Tran Quoc Thao, District 3

This is a mobile trolley bakery that only sells at 7-10am, from 3rd to Sunday every week. The shop has been open for more than a year, the owner is Ms. Anh Thu, a freelance artist. Two special types here are Happy bread with full filling including dried mushrooms, vegetarian ribs, tofu with mushroom sauce; Co Defect bread is also a pilaf but without dried mushrooms. The sauce used in bread is made from mushrooms.

The price ranges from 20,000-27,000 VND, the ingredients are bought from early morning, processed and served during the day.

O Plant-Based

CN1: 296 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, District 3

CN2: 1st Floor - Orchid Building, 200 3/2 Street, Ward 12, District 10

The shop serves all kinds of cakes vegan. The crust has types including: whole wheat bread, gac bread and fresh bread. Multiplication used plant-based meat, also known as Plant-based meat, made entirely from fruits and vegetables, but has the same structure as normal meat. The filling also includes organic mushrooms, drizzled with vegetable sauce or Thai sauce made from peanuts and mildly spicy spices. The owner shared that the loaves here do not use crisps, preservatives, additives, baking powder, no refined sugar and palm oil. Each loaf of bread costs 45,000-75,000 VND.

Các loại vỏ bánh mì thực vật. Ảnh: O Plant-Based

Vegetarian breads. Image: O Plant-Based

Jòn bread

Address: 308 Vo Van Tan, Ward 5, District 3

This is also a vegan bread option diners refer to. The diverse filling includes organic mushrooms, patties and vegetarian skin. The sauce is made from leguminous plants or tropical fruit sauce. The recommended dish here is toasted mushroom bread. The price of each cake ranges from 30,000-35,000 VND. In addition to bread, they have several other vegetarian foods such as fried dumplings, fried fritters and wontons.

Green Bread

 38 Le Thi Rieng Street, District 1 – Order: 0926.166.166

15B Ng̃ Thi Minh Khai, District 1 – Order: 0926.193.193

2B Tran Hung Dao, District 1 – Order: 0926.195.195

66 Pham Ngoc Thach, District 3 – Order: 0923.166.166

132 Truong Sa, Binh Thanh – Order: 0925.166.166


Diners can visit the shop's branches in District 1, District 3 and Binh Thanh to buy. The bakery is open from 6h to 22h daily. The menu features vegetarian bread, vegetarian patty bread, tofu bread and sugar butter bread using peanut butter. The filling has fried tofu with spicy sauce, mushrooms, vegetables, vegetarian rolls. Pilaf cake costs 45,000 VND, vegetarian patty cake and tofu cake costs 39,000 VND, sugar butter cake costs 23,000 VND.

Vegetarian bread filled with pilaf. Image: Green Bread

Vegetarian bread filled with pilaf. Image: Green Bread

Mother Vegetarian Bread Mushrooms

Address: 283/52, CMT8 Street, Ward 12, District 10

Phone: 090 985 02 11

Address Facebook

This bakery is only open in the morning from 6am to 10h. The bread here sells for 20,000 VND per loaf, the filling includes basic types such as cardboard, vegetarian rolls, sour food, vegetarian pate. The ingredient that makes their own flavor is vegetarian ribs made from barley, similar to the taste of young ribs. The sauce made from nuts such as walnuts, soybeans is fatty, aromatic and spicy sauce from plant ingredients. Diners who want to increase or decrease ingredients can note to the owner.

The prepared loaves of bread are delivered to guests. Image: Mother Vegetarian Bread Mushrooms

The prepared loaves of bread are delivered to guests. Image: Mother Vegetarian Bread Mushrooms

Huy Phat vegetarian bread

Address: 64/3 Huynh Lan Khanh, Tan Binh

Phone: 0938 677 567


The bakery, located near Pho Quang Pagoda, Tan Binh District, has been open for nearly 15 years. The salon has two operating hours: 7h-13h and 15h-19h. Like many other vegetarian bakeries, the filling here has skin, vegetarian rolls, mushrooms. The difference is that the home pate is made from taro, bread crumbs and onions for a greasy taste, accompanied by tomato sauce. On weekdays, bread costs 20,000 VND per loaf, on the full moon and 1st days it costs 25,000 VND per loaf.

According to VnE

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