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5 popular types of coffee in Vietnam you should try

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Famous as one of the leading coffee exporting countries in the world, Vietnam also produces many coffee products such as roasted coffee, instant coffee, filter coffee,... serving different needs of users.


One of the coffees with the largest export volume in Vietnam, Robusta is also known as Coffee Vai. With a rich traditional flavor with high caffeine, Robusta easily satisfies the most discerning guests.

Robusta is grown at altitudes below 600m, tropical climate and is present in many countries around the world. The production method must comply with direct drying conditions, not fermentation to ensure absolute deliciousness for this nut.


Arabica has two main types being grown: Catimor and Moka. The characteristic acidity when sipping lips is what makes Arabica different from the rest of coffee. However, soon after, the enjoyer immediately felt its bitter taste.

Slightly longer in shape and larger than Robusta. Unlike Robusta, Arabica is harvested and fermented, then washed and then dried.


As a genus of Arabica, however, in Vietnam Moka is the rarest type of coffee because it is difficult to grow, the possibility of pests and diseases is very high, requiring meticulous care. With a pure passionate taste, a little sour taste on the tip of the tongue will make you stay forever.

Moka can only grow and develop at altitudes from 1500m. If soil conditions, proper cultivation combined with the corresponding altitude, the taste and quality of Moka are excellent.


Most especially among coffees, rounded loris coffee beans have only a single bean in one fruit. The harsh bitterness, intoxicating aroma, high caffeine content, giving out smooth jet black coffee water is what can be said about Lori. Lori coffee is said to have strong acidity and better aroma than other types of coffee.

Kopi Luwak

Also known as the sought-after mink coffee, mink coffee has a greasy taste, less sour than regular coffees. The taste is also more special, pleasant and gentle.

This type of coffee has a high price thanks to its extremely unique processing. Kopi Luwak is the name of a nut that the Spotted Civet eats coffee berries and then releases. After ingestion, the fleshy layer of coffee beans is digested, the kernel in the process of passing through the digestive system of the ferret will encounter enzymes and natural fermentation occurs. The kernel is discharged and through careful treatment, it produces mink coffee with an extremely specific and unique flavor.

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