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5 delicious Danang specialties, diners must try

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Da Nang is not only the most famous tourist destination in the country with beautiful natural scenery but also attracts visitors by diverse cuisine, with many delicious dishes. Here are suggestions for some Danang specialties that are loved by diners from all over the world, and must be rewarded.

Pork roll rice paper

Pork rice paper is not a strange dish, present in many central provinces such as Hue and Quang Nam,... However, Da Nang pork rice paper has its own unique features, impressing diners with its unmistakable taste.

According to local people, Da Nang rice paper must be a cake that has been dewed, smells of rice, has toughness, flexibility and does not crumble when rolled. The pork is also painstakingly processed with a layer of lean fat alternately so that the meat is tender, greasy, when cooked, sliced into thin slices to taste. 

Especially, the dipping sauce is considered as the soul of the dish, creating its own unique flavor. The dipping sauce here is prepared from Da Nang seasoned fish sauce, with a rich taste mixed with the mild sweetness of sugar, mixed with the sourness of ground pineapple or spicy taste of chili,...

Photo: Dining venue

Da Nang beef noodle soup

Unlike beef noodles in many places, beef noodles in Da Nang have their own characteristics such as small, long white noodles, often adding more recycled beef or tender beef corn. In addition, Da Nang people often cook more satanic broth. 

If you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang, visitors can find and enjoy beef noodles at some popular addresses such as Ba Xin beef noodle soup (14 Million Nuong Vuong, Hai Chau district), Huong beef noodle soup (229 Dong Da, Hai Chau district), Ba Dieu beef noodle soup (17 Tran Tong, Thanh Khe District),...

Photo: Internet

Da Nang snail

Referring to Danang specialties, it is impossible not to mention the snail dish that attracts both locals and tourists from all over the world. Unlike traditional snail dishes in the North or Southern greasy coconut water wool snails, Da Nang snails are processed more simply but the taste is difficult to mix.

After cleaning, the snails are steamed or cooked with coconut water, so they have a natural sweet taste, dipped with spicy ginger fish sauce to taste. In addition, smoked snails are also prepared in a spicy stir-fry style, suitable for enjoying in winter.

Photo: Hang Minxu

Nanwu herring salad

In addition to the above specialties, in Da Nang, there is also a simple delicacy, containing the culinary quintessence of a whole region. That is the herring salad of Nanwu fishing village.

This dish is named after its origin, the fishing village of Nanwu. This village is located at the mouth of the Cu De River, at the foot of Hai Van Pass in Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City and has been around for hundreds of years.

Although there are two ways to prepare, wet herring salad or dried herring salad are also enjoyed with baked rice paper (spring rolls) and raw vegetables. In addition to common vegetables such as lettuce, sprouts, and grated banana corn, Nam O people also eat fish salad with lentils, brooches, wild bananas, raw mangoes, cucumbers, and sliced caramels.

Photo: Hong Duyen

Jackfruit mix

Although it is a rustic dish, mixed jackfruit also attracts diners when coming to Da Nang because of its "unique" taste. This dish is made from boiled young jackfruit, removed seeds, torn into bite-sized pieces and then mixed with pork skin, boiled pork belly, vegetables, peanuts, onions ... 

In Da Nang, there are a number of delicious mixed jackfruit shops, affordable prices such as Ba Gia mixed jackfruit (47/25 Ly Thai To street, Hai Chau district), Aunt Anh mixed jackfruit (34 Pham Van Nghi, Thanh Khe district),...

In addition to the above dishes, if you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang, visitors can choose to buy some other specialties as gifts for relatives and friends such as squid rim me, spring rolls, beef rolls, dried sesame cakes ,...

Photo: Delicious food in Da Nang

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