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4 hidden cafes in Dalat forest

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While sipping a drink at In the Forest Dalat, Thong Oi or Cheo Veooo, visitors can enjoy the scenery of the mountains or the sunset of the mountain town.

In the forest Da Lat

Many customers like to come to this shop because its location is located in the middle of the forest, in the middle of the hillside surrounded by green pine forest, a point that few shops have. The first impression is the poetic slope from the main gate leading down to the shop, the end point will be a wooden shelf with chairs for guests who like to take photos of the hill view. The inside of the shop is quite spacious, decorated in a classic direction combined with natural green space.

Their menu is quite diverse from water to dishes. Normally, visitors to the shop at any time can order food and drinks to sip. However, Da Lat has just opened a shop after 2 months of fighting the epidemic, the shop has just reopened to serve drinks.

  • The price of water and food at the shop ranges from 30,000 VND / dish.
  • The shop opened at 86/7 Khe Sanh, Ward 10.

Photo: In the forest Da Lat


The café space has 2 floors with a view overlooking both the vast and green pine forest. The whole shop is decorated and built from wood, creating an atmosphere close to nature. In addition to coffee service, Thong Oi also has a homestay for guests who want to stay overnight in the middle of Dalat forest.

Visitors to the shop will find many interesting angles, while watching the forest, sipping coffee, in addition, before the shutdown to fight the epidemic, the shop organizes live music nights.

Drinks include a variety of teas, coffee and some snacks with prices from 40,000 VND / dish.

The shop is located at 31/8c, 3/4 Street, Ward 3.

Photo: Thong Oi

Cheo Veooo Cafe

Because it is located under a hill, Cheo Veooo has a very beautiful view so that you can see the whole city of Da Lat and part of Duc Trong. Especially in the late afternoon, the benches in the yard are often full of guests watching the sunset. The shop also has 2 floors built mainly of wood, surrounded by gardens, but to get here, guests have to overcome the rocky slope behind dense forests.

Thanks to its beautiful location, guests whether traveling with friends or alone can find a private place to enjoy the peace.

The menu is diverse with drinks from peach yogurt, blueberries, Vietnamese coffee to cappuccino, latte with prices from 30,000 to 60,000 VND / dish.

The address is at 116 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 11.

Photo by: Cheo Veooo

Dalat spread

About 6 km from Xuan Huong Lake, Chen Dalat is located in an alley on Field Hill, Ward 11, which is a favorite stop of many tourists when coming to Dalat. The shop is built of wood, including the lower floor, a mezzanine and a rooftop with valley view. From the corner of the terrace, visitors can easily admire the beauty of the whole mountain town from above.

Whether sitting at the bar, reading space indoors or on the terrace, any corner can give you great photos. If sitting indoors, you can listen to melodious music, feel the rustic space, in the terrace lined with wooden floors, visitors are surrounded by green pine hills.

Drinks here cost about 45,000 VND / dish.

Photo by: Maison de Bil

According to VnExpress

Image source: Multiple authors
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