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4 things not to do when packing up for travel

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Do not put too heavy items in suitcases, do not put important papers next to liquid bottles.

Do not leave papers next to liquid bottles

Pressure on board can adversely affect toiletry bottles. Pressure changes can sometimes cause liquid to spill out, leak, and stain things placed next to it, even if the lid is tightly screwed. To avoid this, she often carries small wipes or bar shower gel instead of bottled liquid. Visitors can also put these bottles in a plastic zip bag to prevent spills.

Personal documents such as passports should be placed in a white plastic zip bag to ensure they are not soiled or torn by other things in the suitcase or bag.

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Do not bring a hardshell suitcase

Many passengers tend to choose hard-shell suitcases because they think they are more resistant than fabric suitcases. Actually the opposite. Hard-bodied suitcases are prone to breakage due to toss, bumps, drops, or the weight of other suitcases while passengers check in or transport.

In addition to choosing more durable fabric suitcases, it is advisable to choose bright colors for suitcases so that you detect your bag faster.

Suitcases have 4 wheels because this type is usually not durable, fragile or breakable. Emilie often chooses two-wheeled suitcases.

Do not leave fresh food in suitcases

Bringing home local delicacies after the tour is fun. But guests need to pay attention to whether they are collected by customs or not. Food and beverages can be carefully packed and stored in checked baggage. However, it is recommended to avoid bringing items with strong odors, attracting the attention of sniffing dogs at customs and immigration areas. Cold cuts, cheese, fresh foods are often banned from entering the country when traveling internationally.

Do not stuff too many things that make the bag heavy

Do not pack too many items that lead to too much heaviness. If you can't lift your suitcases yourself to get to the cabin above the seats, they're too heavy for the waiters.

It is recommended to have necessary items such as chargers, spare batteries, personal belongings such as brushes, cleansers, toothpaste in a small bag. When you need to go, just bring that bag, which is both convenient and time-consuming.

In addition, visitors also need to plan what to wear during the trip. Instead of taking too many things, choose simple, easy-to-coordinate clothing and bring sneakers.

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