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3 Vietnamese words recognized in the Oxford English Dictionary

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Up to now, Vietnamese has 3 words recognized in the Oxford dictionary: Ao Dai, Pho and Banh mi.

1. Ao Dai

Ao dai is a traditional Vietnamese dress , worn with trousers, covering the torso from the neck to or above the knee and for both men  and women but is now more commonly known as women's clothing. Ao dai is often worn on festive occasions ,  perform or in environments  that require formality and politeness. Ao dai has become representative of the national dress in international relations. Most Vietnamese beauties choose ao dai for the national costume contest at world beauty contests. In addition, this is also the costume of the girls when going to school.

In the past, long dresses were often worn in combination with sports hats, leaf hats, or closed scarves. Based on the shape and structure of the collar, the tunic can be considered a form of glitter, i.e. a standing collar. Before the appearance of ao dai, the common costume of Vietnamese people was the form of a cross-neck shirt (ie cross-neck shirt) and a vien lanh shirt (ie round neck shirt). Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat is credited with inventing the ao dai and shaping the Vietnamese ao dai as it is today.

The word "ao dai" (ao dai /ˈaʊ ˌdʌɪ/) was originally included in the Oxford dictionary and is interpreted as a type of clothing worn by Vietnamese women with a design of 2 long front and back shirts dotting the ankles covering the outside of the trousers.

2. Pho

Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam, which can also be considered one of the typical dishes for national cuisine. The main ingredients of pho are pho cakes and broth (or broth as it is called in the South) along with thinly sliced beef or chicken . The dish also comes with spices such as soy sauce, pepper,  lemon, fish sauce, chili ... They are added depending on the taste of each user.

Pho is usually served as a morning or nocturnal breakfast, but in big cities this dish is enjoyed throughout the day. In the southern provinces of Vietnam and some other regions, pho is presented with a plate of herbs such as onions, sprouts and leaves of coriander, basil, in which cilantro is the typical leaf of pho.

Pho, a familiar dish of Vietnamese people, has been included in the new word list updated in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

3. Bread

Traveling all over the world, it is also difficult to find any country with bread like Vietnam. Unlike hamburgers or sandwiches, bread in Vietnam has its own characteristics with butter, eggs, pate, meat, vegetables ... It is this very unique look, Oxford has added bread to the dictionary with the meaning: Bread is a snack, inside one or more meats, pâté and vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, coriander ... and with spices such as chili pepper, pepper.


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