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"Check-list" 5 unique shopping experiences in Saigon

Translated by Bing
Ho Chi Minh Shopping Paradise with modern shops, shops, unique architectural "concepts" - strange - combined with a variety of brands from affordable to luxurious, surely makes shoppers excited to explore and satisfy the hobby of walking the street, shopping.

The New Playground - a unique underground shopping complex

Located in Sense Market (Central Market), opposite 90 Le Lai Street, District 1, The New Playground soon caught the eye of young people who love to shop because of its modernity, newness and disruption.

The New Playground shopping complex is located underground with spacious space, luxurious - true by modern and creative design. Each booth has an open space, which is "decor" super eye-catching by the unique style combining many bright colors and neon boxes, sparkling LED lights. That's why when you step in here, you will have to "oh" overwhelmed because anywhere is beautifully decorated and ready to become a good "background" for you to live virtually.

Most of all, The New Playground also brings to young people more than 47 "local brands" a variety of fashion styles such as street fashion to minimalist, dynamic, fashionable style ... Thousands of items of ecstatic substances from Saigon Swagger, Uncover, SWE, Saigon Swagger, 1-OAK, Banawa, Streetgang ...

"Check - in" wear machine at Saigon Concept

One of the ideal stops to visit when coming to Saigon must be mentioned Saigon Concept at 14 Tran Ngoc Phuong, Thao Dien, District 2.

Saigon Concept represents the new generation of cafes, bars and fashion in Ho Chi Minh City with western architectural style, taking nature as the main. Fashion stalls, cafes... all make the most of sunlight, natural wind combined with glass patches, light-colored walls and deep interiors. From there, create a special complex, bearing the modern mark.

People come to Saigon Concept not only to find beautiful items, delicious food but also to find a peaceful and friendly space to confide, share with friends and loved ones. What's better than enjoying a little party with enough emotional music here, right?

Lost in nature at Saigon Garden

Not monumental, bustling, Saigon Garden complex is small but no less prominent on the famous Nguyen Hue Street. The imprint of Saigon Garden is created by unique architecture, inspired by nature, creating a pleasant green space.

In particular, the modern architecture of Saigon Garden also creates 4 commercial floors close and special, divided into 2 super attractive areas. The ground floor is for cafes and luxurious flower shops. This is also a fancyly designed and well-groomed area, creating hundreds of "check-in" corners for you to play. If you want to do a "foodtour" then visit the 2nd, 3rd, 4th floor to enjoy the culinary paradise with a variety of dishes from Vietnam, Korea, Thailand ...

There VND Then - Lifestyle complex

The classy space with a harmonious combination of high street fashion and food and beauty services has created the There VND Then complex with a live in the center of District 1.

With the form of "concept store", There VND Then has a total area of up to 2800m2, divided into 4 modern floors displaying clothes, accessories, barbershop, rooftop bar and a most special area dedicated to the sneaker lovers association. The highlight of this complex is the modern architectural and interior design style, minimalist layout and making the most of the light to open up open spaces, both luxurious, modern and natural.

There VND Then is also the most modern shopping complex in Saigon when bringing together up to 70 brands Global Street and High Street brands at home and abroad such as Yeezy, Gentle Monster, Heron Preston, DRKSHDW by Rick Owens, Adidas, Stussy, Alexander Wang, A COLD WAR ... In addition, the space also has Dessert Station Black Yard – an area specializing in serving attractive desserts such as iced drinks, coffee, accompanied by cold yogurt dishes and lemonade... The Heights rooftop bar is also a place that promises to bring vibrant and attractive music experiences for young people who want to find a sense of relaxation in the middle of the crowded streets.

Apartment 42 Ton Seven Cards - The "young" design stands out in the middle of an old apartment building

Apartment 42 Ton Seven Card (District 2) attracts visitors to visit, live virtually and shop by the harmonious combination of youthful style and ancient on an old apartment building. You will come across booths painted with striking walls, decorated face-to-face with sparkling, inspiring signs.

No need to go far, just visit Apartment 42 Ton Seven Card, you are lost in a real "shopping mall" with countless fashion shops, weighing all styles from cake, gentle to personality, dynamic. In particular, a series of cafes and pubs with "unique and strange concepts" are also present in this area enough to make your shopping experience more worthwhile. What's better than going shopping with friends and stopping at a coffee shop, enjoying a glass of cool water or a cup of super hot milo pearls.

What are you waiting for without "carrying your backpack up and going" to Saigon right away. And don't forget to share your special experiences with the "check-list" of the 5 interesting destinations mentioned above with Migo! 

Writer: Thu Trang

Image source: Multiple authors
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