Soil - indigo and leaves "Use nature to draw nature"
Factory 3B, Gia Lam Railway Factory, Hanoi

Inspired by nature: "Trees are all from sandy soil", Flowers and grass conceived the idea of expressing slices of nature in creativity:

- Take the soil to draw the soil

- Take leaves to draw trees

- take natural drawing

In this workshop, we focus on /earth/, patches of earthy colors.

From materials that are close and easy to find anywhere on your own place. The soil is not only "brown earth" as I often think of, the diversity and richness of the soil is also gold from the Northwest mountains, Hoa Binh reddish-brown soil, or the alluvial soil of the Red River,...

Along with /indigo/, a shade of blue in the age-old dyeing technique,..

* Simplified content:

- from Earth - indigo to paint color

- Secondary color patches

- Painting on Handmade Paper: Dó, Duong, Giang,...

Application form:

The workshop is part of Markers Market - The Dots

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Quick Information
Date and time
25/11/2023 - 25/11/2023
Factory 3B, Gia Lam Railway Factory, Hanoi
Ticket price
375,000 VNĐ
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