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Anyone who has ever been to Moc Chau must never forget the high mountains covered in clouds, the blooming season of flowers, the clear streams in the fragrant fields and the brocade robe swaying in the Xoe dance of local people.

Best Time To Visit Moc Chau

Moc Chau is a beautiful scene all year round.

From January to March, the plateau is imbued in green of tea hills, pink of peach blossoms and cherry apricots, white of plum blossoms and apricot blossoms,...

From mid-May, plums begin to ripen.

Persimmon ripens from August to December every year. Cauliflower season in Moc Chau begins in November. In December, brilliant yellow wild sunflowers adorn the plateau.


Moc Chau is nearly 200 km from Hanoi. If traveling by motorbike, you should follow the old National Highway 6 because there are many beautiful scenes along the way, but you should pay attention because the road is also quite degraded. The journey takes about 4-5 hours.

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Moc Chau white blooming plum blossoms

Moc Chau district, Son La province, is entering the most beautiful season of the year when the apricot and plum trees in people's gardens begin to shed their leaves and bloom. These flowers are pure white, blooming in clusters on the branches like stagnant snowflakes. Vu Quang Kien, 29, said his group found the 77th plum blossom hill, the first plum forest to bloom this year in Moc Chau, and visited on January 4. This is a new place not many tourists know. People in this area have not exploited tourism, so visitors can visit and take photos of plum blossoms for free. The hill is located about 3 km from Moc Chau town center. However, the road is quite steep, similar to the road to Hang Tau, visitors should ride a digital car, with a strong engine to ensure safety, Kien said. Moc Chau plum blossoms usually bloom between January 1 and March 3. It is expected that in about a week, other plum blossom gardens will also bloom. Visitors can refer to more locations: apricot forest in Thai Hung village, plum forest in Km82 section on National Highway 6, plum flower garden in Mu Nau, Chieng Son commune, Muong Sang, Moc Chau town. The people of Moc Chau often call plum blossoms forest apricots because they are shaped like apricots. This flower is also said by many to possess a beauty that is "pure, gentle like a muse in the mountains and forests of the Northwest". Apricot blossoms have rounded, thin, clear white wings, bloom in clusters on rough branches that have shed all their leaves. The same white color but compared to plum blossoms, plum blossoms usually bloom earlier. The pistils are red, the petals are round, even, not oblong like plum blossoms. From a distance, the clusters of white flowers dotted with young blue are plum blossoms, while the tiny red inflorescences are apricot blossoms. The period of apricot blossoms lasts for about 2-3 weeks and blooms most beautifully in the second week after the spread of wings. According to Kien's observation, this year the flower density is thicker, so the flowers will bloom more beautifully than last year. But due to the warm sunshine, the flowers may fade faster than expected. Currently, the temperature in Moc Chau fluctuates around 12-22 degrees Celsius, during the day there is warm sunshine and chilly at night and early morning. This is an ideal weather condition for visitors to explore Moc Chau. Visitors should ask locals, learn and stay informed about the blooming plum blossom gardens. Arriving at Flower Hill 77, visitors should ask the garden owners in advance if they intend to camp in the garden. It is recommended to bring warm clothes when arriving at the hill in the afternoon or stay overnight as the evening temperature will drop. According to VnE Photo: Quang Kien

Nature & Adventure 08/01/2024

Moc Chau white blooming plum blossoms

The white color of plum blossoms has "changed" the flower hill 77 in Moc Chau town, signaling that the plum blossom season has returned.

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Suoi Chieu Lake, one of the recent new tourist destinations of Son La. With peaceful and poetic beauty, the landscape combines mountains, hills, lakes, villages, creating the scene as in pictures.
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For me, Moc Chau is a special land, the first Northwest flower season in my life. Northwest came out of the lyrics of "spring to plum blossoms," present before me gently and into my memory without a loud and rushing one.
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