About Nghe An

Located in Central Vietnam, Nghe An is a land full of sunshine and wind where extraordinary figures were born. This land also consists of many cultural and humanitarian values.

Nghe An not only has magnificent and poetic nature, but the people here are also extremely pompous and heroic. Coming to Nghe An, you will get a chance to admire the sea, explore the primeval forests of Pu Mat, Pu Huong, swim in Cua Lo, Bai Lu, Quynh Phuong beaches, and learn about historical relics - the mark of Vietnamese Army and cultural values ​​created in the long history.


You should go to Nghe An in summer because this is the most ideal time to immerse yourself in the cool water of beautiful beaches. You can come here from March to April or November to December when the sunflower fields are in full bloom.


When traveling to Nghe An, you can move easily to Vinh city. Depending on the distance, economic conditions and your schedules, you can choose different means of transport by plane, train, or bus.

Top things to do in Nghe An

1. Visiting Uncle Ho's hometown in Lotus Village

2. Swim in Cua Lo Beach, Lu Beach, discover Lan Chau Island

3. Trekking to Pu Mat National Park

4. Explore Tham Om ancient cave

5. Take photos in Muong Long Heaven Gate

6. Visit the temple of King Quang Trung on the top of Mount Quyet

7. Go to the temple of Hoang Muoi Majesty

8. Climb onto Thanh Chuong tea hill and relax

9. Enter the field of sunflowers, field of sheep

10. Enjoy fresh seafood at Cua Hoi Beach


Time zone

GMT +07:00


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