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Nature has granted Kon Tum many scenic views such as the gentle Dak Bla River, the hot springs of Dak To that warms your heart, the Mang Den pine forest that runs along the mountainside, the steep Dak Nghe Waterfall, the dreamy Nang Tien Waterfall, the mysterious Chu Mom Ray National Park, or the rope bridge Kon Klor that connects peaceful villages.

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To enjoy the beauty of Kon Tum, you should travel in the dry season starting from October to May next year. In November and December, wild sunflowers cover the area in yellow. In January, rubbers begin to lose their foliage. March is when the coffee flowers bloom. This is also the time of the traditional festivals in the Central Highlands.


There are not many flights to Kon Tum, so you should book your tickets in advance. There are many shuttles running straight to Kon Tum from the big cities every day. It is convenient to travel in Kon Tum by motorbike.


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Kon Tum
Forest bathing as a medicine, food for the spirit. How far, fast or slow is not something to be achieved. We do not aim to find or expect anything, but simply be in harmony with nature. Bathing in the forest is not to achieve anything, bathing in the forest to get rid of the sorrows and pain in the heart, but it is the removal of a few things that help us achieve more good things.
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A wonderful camping trip at Mang Den Discovery Retreat

This beautiful campsite is Mang Den Discovery Retreat, in the middle of an orange farm, located near the primeval forest of Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province. A location located on a high hill is perfect for camping, sightseeing, meditation or yoga. Black Bamboo Shoot Discovery Video Although the road here is a bit difficult, the rewards are totally worth it. This campsite is located about 12km from the center of Mang Den town. To get here, we follow the road to the 37-apartment area. It's also the only way to get here. Going through the area of 37 households, you will pass through the grassy hill of bamboo shoots, the dirt road will lead you into the forest. That dirt road is quite steep and narrow. You can only get here by motorbike or off-road cars with you. Riding on off-road vehicles and sightseeing on both sides of the road is also an interesting experience. Following the rancher, we came to a beautiful plot of land on a high hill. It is a perfect place where we can admire the beauty of the orange hills, the surrounding valley, the primeval forest, and the surrounding mountain ranges. From that hill, we can watch the sunrise on the left and the sunset on the right. In addition, at the foot of the hill, there is a beautiful surrounding stream. This is definitely a perfect camping spot with a forest, stunning panoramas, and a gorgeous stream. We arrived at that location around 4:30pm, which was a great time to watch the sunset. It is pleasant to stand in the middle of beautiful nature and take a deep breath. After enjoying the fresh and peaceful air, we quickly pitched our tent before dark. Then going around collecting firewood and collecting water from the spring is a priority. And then it was an unforgettable night for us. In the midst of the vast expanse of nature, we heard nothing but the sound of wind and insects. Although the nights were very cold, we had a great time by the fire, eating hot chicken porridge, roasted clams and drinking some wine. After dinner, we sat around a warm fire, ate roasted corn and chatted before going to bed. I got excited and set my alarm for 6 a.m. And I wasn't disappointed. It's a great place to watch both sunrise and sunset. After the warm rays of the sun shone everywhere, we waded the SUP paddle stream. With its calm water surface and large natural pools, that stream is a great place for SUP boating. Not to mention the forest on both sides of the stream makes this place more beautiful. We then enjoyed a delicious breakfast, hot cup of coffee and great morning air before cleaning everything up and heading home. What could be better than spending time with friends and family at this beautiful campsite. Chill with cool air, beautiful nature and lots of interesting activities. In the evening, sit by the warm fire, enjoy delicious food and tell each other stories. WOW there's so much great about this campsite isn't it? Having the opportunity to come to Mang Den, do not miss this beautiful campsite. According to

Getaway & Resorts 24/08/2023

A wonderful camping trip at Mang Den Discovery Retreat

With mainly mountainous terrain, there are many beautiful camping sites in Mang Den. What's better than camping among beautiful nature and cool climate.

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Known as one of the beautiful cloud hunting places in Mang Den, this is a café that you should not miss during the cloud hunting season from 2 to 6 months.
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Mang Den is known as "Little Dalat" - a town located on the plateau, in Kon Plong district, about 60 km from Kon Tum city, Kon Tum province.
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