About Ha Tinh

Ha Tinh is a province located on the windy and sunny land on the North Central Coast of Vietnam. Ha Tinh is about 340 kilometers south of Hanoi, takes advantage of the Eastern Sea and the legendary Truong Son Mountains to the west. Thanks to that characteristic, Ha Tinh will surprise you with the beauty of the beaches, including the Thien Cam Sea.

Ha Tinh possesses poetic natural landscapes and important locations of historical and cultural relics. Traveling to Ha Tinh, you can learn about our battles in the past and be immersed in the melody of Vi and Giam folk songs. In addition, Ha Tinh is the homeland of national figures such as Nguyen Du, Le Huu Trac, Nguyen Cong Tru, Xuan Dieu,...


Located in the North Central, Ha Tinh suffers from extreme weather in both summer and winter. Every summer, this place is toughly affected by the prolonged highest temperature and the dry wind. In winter, the weather gets cold and it is difficult to move due to fog. Accordingly, there are two best times to visit Ha Tinh: late spring from March to May and mid fall from September to October.


You can land at Vinh Airport and take a bus, train or personal vehicle to go to Ha Tinh. Ha Tinh has 130 km of Highway 1A stretching from Ben Thuy Bridge to Ngang Pass and the Ho Chi Minh Route is the second most important route of the province.

Top things to do in Ha Tinh

1. Discover the beautiful beaches: Thien Cam, Xuan Thanh, Hoa Son

2. Explore the architecture of Hang Pagoda

3. Visit the relics of Nguyen Du, Hai Thuong Lan Ong

4. Visit Huong Tich Pagoda

5. Enjoy the scenery of Hong Linh Mountain

6. Admire the Xai Pho Waterfall

7. Explore Vu Quang National Park

8. Ecotourism Area of Trai Tieu, Son Kim

9. Admire Nam Gioi - Quynh Vien scenic area

10. Explore Ke Go Nature Reserve


Time zone

GMT +07:00


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