About Dien Bien

Dien Bien, the land that marked the victory of Dien Bien Phu in the summer of 1954, has become a popular tourist destination nowaday. Located in a flat Muong Thanh field, running along the valley of Nam Rom River, Dien Bien lies in a wide pan surrounded by overlapping mountains.

When you come to this land, the impression left on you will be the vast nature, historic sites engraving the brilliant national milestone, unique customs of the locals with Mountain Ebony Festival and the graceful dance of Thai girls. You'll have a chance to enjoy ethnic specialties such as Brihaspa atrostigmella wine, bamboo shoots, buffalo meat hung up in kitchen,...


Dien Bien belongs to the northwest mountainous region, the climate is cool all year round, so you can visit here any season of the year.

March is the season when the flowers bloom in white. May is the celebration of the Dien Bien Phu victory. In August and September, the rice fields ripen yellow. November is the season when canola flowers show off their colors in the morning sun. December is when buckwheat spreads throughout the way.


To get to the heroic land of the Dien Bien, you can go by plane or by car. If you are an adventurer and fascinated by the spectacular scenery of Pha Din Pass, equip yourself with good physical strength before starting your motorcycle backpacking.

Top things to do in Dien Bien

1. Visit historic relics: A1 Hill, De Castries Tunnel, Him Lam Hill

2. Look around the vast Muong Thanh rice fields

3. Visit Pa Khoang tourism complex

4. Ride a bike along Pha Din Pass

5. Set foot on the 0 market A Pa Chai

6. Discover the fantastic caves: Pa Thom, Tham Pua, Xa Nhe

7. Go to mountainous kermis Ta Sin Thang

8. Take a walk in Muong Phang cherry blossoms garden

9. Bath in Hua Pe thermal springs

10. Learn history in Dien Bien Phu Museum 


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