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Dak Nong is located in the Central Highlands and possesses many potentials for tourism development. The climate is cool, the natural resources are plentiful and the system of gorgeous waterfalls remarkably distributes throughout the area.

There are magnificent views in Dak Nong such as Ea Sno Lake, Luu Ly Waterfall, Dray Sap - Gia Long Waterfall, Dak G'lun Waterfalls, and Ta Dung National Park with diverse ecosystems. With the beauty of the wilderness of waterfalls, tea hills, rubber forests, and zigzag roads hidden under pine forests, Dak Nong will be the next exciting destination on your journey to the Central Highlands.


You can visit Dak Nong during the dry season from November to the end of March next year, when the weather is rainy but the rainfall is not significant, sunny but relatively pleasant. December is the season for wild sunflowers and March is the season for coffee flowers to boast their colors all over the mountains of the Central Highlands. This is the most beautiful time in Dak Nong and will give you the most interesting experience.


You can go to Dak Nong by motorcycle or coach. However, you should take a coach to ensure safety because the distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Dak Nong is about 250km, which is quite far and is accompanied by serpentine roads. If you're a good backpacker, the journey to Dak Nong on motorcycle will be an interesting experience.

Top things to do in Dak Nong

1. Enjoy the impressive scenery of Ta Dung Lake

2. Trekking the Ta Dung National Park

3. Exploring the wild and poetic waterfalls

4. Exploring the mysterious cave in Chu Bluk Volcano

5. Ride a boat and see the view of the peaceful lakes

6. Visit the Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Monastery

7. Take a bath in Dak Mol thermal springs

8. Go to Dak R'Mang Love Market.

9. Experience community ecotourism in native villages


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GMT +07:00


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Dray Sap Waterfall, an epic song in the midst of the Central Highlands

The majestic Serepok River of the Central Highlands in its billowing flow to Nam Da, Krong Na met the bends of rocky mountains more than a hundred meters long, threw themselves down, rumbled strongly, creating huge columns of water and this place has become a legendary beautiful waterfall in the heart of the Central Highlands. The waterfall has a height of about 20 m but a width of 100m. The name Dray Sap means "smoke" in Ede. Also from this name, it is possible to express the majesty and beauty of this tourist destination.  According to legend, when the Serepok River was still a small flowing river, it formed the boundary between the two villages. In those two villages there is a couple who love each other. However, because of their different villages, their love is forbidden. Eventually, they threw themselves into this river with a wish to be together forever. It is also from here that this river splits into two branches.  One tributary is Dray Nur (wife waterfall) and another is Dray Sap (husband waterfall).  Just arriving at the forest surrounding the base of the falls, visitors have heard the echoes of the waterfall from four echoes. The space is cool, misty and the scenery is even more illusory. Weaving in the middle of the primeval forest, you will enjoy watching the old trees, tall skyscrapers, sometimes encountering rocks tinged with steam, so covered with moss, besides the thick carpet of intertwined vines placed and intertwined from one old tree to another, creating a scene that is both poetic and mysterious. When you go through the dark forest, you will reach the falls. The water about 20 meters high rushes down to splash white hazy dust, creating resounding sounds like a majestic song sung around the clock. When the sun is high, the brilliant sunlight will penetrate the delicate steam to create magical shimmering rainbow colors. And perhaps because the thin smoke created from the cascade keeps rising to create poetic white smoke flakes, this waterfall is also called Smoke Waterfall. Going deep into the forest, you will also find your heart lightening when you hear in the space the chirping birds calling to each other. Then sometimes you have to admire when meeting the colorful grass, the vibrant beauty of the young shoots that are spurring. All blend into a fresh, beautiful, magical picture of nature, holding people by. The Central Highlands has a rather characteristic climate, which is divided into two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. Unlike other tourist destinations, the most suitable time to visit this tourist destination is the rainy season. This time is the time when this waterfall will possess the most wonderful beauty. Ecosystems, vegetation thrive. However, this time you need to pay attention to safety.  Source: General

Nature & Adventure 28/07/2023

Dray Sap Waterfall, an epic song in the midst of the Central Highlands

Dray Sap Waterfall is located in Duc Lap Hamlet, Dak Sôr, Krong No, Dak Nong Province. This location is 39km from the center of Buon Me Thuot city, but it is quite easy to find because this is the connection point of Dak Lak and Dak Nong provinces.

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