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Bac Giang is an antiquated land with many historical and cultural relics associated with Kinh Bac land and people. This place once marked the struggles against invaders such as the victory of Can Tram, Xuong Giang, Yen The Uprising. Besides the long-standing architectural works, Bac Giang also has many attractive tourist attractions such as Khuon Than, Mo Stream, Cam Son Lake, Da Chong Beach,... In particular, Dong Cao Plateau is an attractive camping spot for young people today.


The most appropriate time to travel to Bac Giang is from June to September. At this time in Bac Giang is the summer season, very apposite for participating in activities such as camping, climbing, rowing. Besides, around June and July, you will have the opportunity to savour the specialty Luc Ngan lychee.


The distance from Hanoi to Bac Giang is about 45km. It only takes about an hour to travel by motorbike or private car, you can make the most of a splendid eco-tour.

Top things to do in Bac Giang

1. Admire the natural scenery of Khuon Than

2. Contemplate the ancient citadel of Xuong Giang

3. Go to Tay Yen Tu Pagoda

4. Visit Suoi Mo relic site

5. Rowing on Cam Son Lake

6. Camping on Dong Cao Plateau

7. Explore Khe Ro primeval forest

8. Join the festival in Danh Temple


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Impressive destinations in Bac Giang

 "Ripe rice season" is taken in the mountainous area of Huyen Son commune, Luc Nam district, with the Huyen Dinh range, the Luc Nam River flowing through. Hidden under the ancient canopy is the complex of Tonda pagoda relics. The temple is one of the ancient temples of the Linji Zen order. The ruins of Tonda Pagoda include the main pagoda of Tu An Tu, am Tam Duc, Cao pagoda, pond of Temple. The temple grounds also have a tower garden that is considered the most beautiful and largest in Vietnam, the resting place of more than 2,000 monks and nuns. Bac Hoa village, mainly inhabited by the Nung ethnic people, still retains the characteristics of the ancient yin-yang tile roof and wall in Tan Son commune, Luc Ngan district, more than 100 km from Bac Giang city. Coming to Bac Hoa, visitors will enjoy the folk song Soong Hao, The delicious taste of the cake squeezed shoulder. The wrestling festival is celebrated as a victory celebration, honoring the guardian deity of the village in legend, and praying for a bountiful harvest. In 2022, the festival attracted thousands of people to cheer. This festival is recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage on May 5, associated with the belief of worshipping the Sun god. Bac Giang is a heritage land, in addition to the typical cultural features of the Northern land, this place still retains the idyllic beauty of the village bamboo bushes, ancient houses, typical in Croc village in Lien Chung commune (formerly Chung Son), Tan Yen district.  Crocodile Village  In the Northern countryside, the village has not been affected by urbanization and tourism, worth visiting. Panoramic view of West Yen Tu spiritual-ecological tourism area on the spring festival 2022, with the main square. In addition to historical value, West Yen Tu is also a majestic mountainous land, beautiful natural landscape, so since ancient times, this place has been chosen by the kings of the Ly and Tran periods as a place to build pagodas, cultivate and study religion. Cam Son Lake, a large natural freshwater lake stretching across many communes of Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang and Lang Son province, covers about 2,600 hectares. Coming to Cam Son Lake, visitors are immersed in nature, fresh air and clear blue water. Forbidden Son Lake is also the inspiration for the late musician Pho Duc Phuong to compose the song  Mountain lakes  famous. With a geographical location with great potential, typical climate, few natural disasters, Bac Giang has lychee specialties. Currently, lychee is considered the pride of Vietnam, the output of lychee in 2022 is estimated at 180,000 tons, "large fruit, red skin, small seeds, thick pulp", making a famous brand at home and abroad. Luc Ngan not only has famous lychee but also specialties of noodles at Rooster Anh noodle cooperative, in Nam Duong commune. The noodle production line has many stages, including drying colored noodles (photo), diverse with many beautiful designs, quality food safety and hygiene. Noodles are not only famous domestically but also exported. The rice tree next to Ba Co Yen Dung temple (commonly known as Lang Son rice tree) in Tan My village, Lang Son commune, Yen Dung district was recognized by the Vietnam Ornamental Biology Association as an ancient tree with historical and cultural value in February 2021. Every 3 months, visitors and photographers coming here will be immersed in the red color of rice blossoms and the poetic surroundings. This rice plant has existed for more than 100 years, 27.5 m high, canopy area 120 m2, trunk diameter 2.4 m. Xuong Giang Victory Historical Site shimmers at night in Xuong Giang Ward, Bac Giang City. The work was recognized as a National Historic Site in 2009, a special national monument in 2019. In 2020, the Provincial People's Committee recognized Xuong Giang Victory site as a tourist destination of great significance to the whole country and Bac Giang land rich in tradition. Author: Tran Van Tuan

Nature & Adventure 06/07/2022

Impressive destinations in Bac Giang

Bac Giang is a heritage land with diverse terrain, charming landscapes, traditional craft villages, intangible cultural heritages, unique festivals.

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