Pullman Phu Quoc Beach Resort

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432 Reviews
Bai Truong, Xa Duong To, Phu Quoc
+84 297 267 9999
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Designed for modern, flexible travelers combining work and entertainment, pullman luxury resort is located along the southwest coast of Ngoc Island just a 10-minute drive from Phu Quoc International Airport.
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386 Reviews

Cảm ơn đội ngũ khách sạn đã luôn hỗ trợ gia đình tôi khi đến nghĩ dưỡng tại đây, được nâng cấp phòng là điều rất tuyệt vời với 1 chiếc view hồ bơi trực diện và biển rất đẹp đẽ
Chân thành cảm ơn mọi người, nhiều lần sau nữa chắc chắn chúng tôi sẽ ghé lại cùng gia đình hoặc những chuyến đi nghỉ công tác sớm nhất
Xe đón từ sân bay về rất tiện lợi

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While the rooms in this property might not really feel like you are on beach by the truest definition(there is a lot of stuff between the room and the sand/sea!), the views from the room of the ocean will more than make up for it. Add french glam and style that this hotel oozes from all corners, you are in for a real treat through your stay

LOCATION: A bit secluded from all the action in the main town, but you can keep yourselves busy with all the activities and amenities available on site.

DINE + DRINK: Multiple F & B establishments on site. A Cool lobby level bar called LIGHTHOUSE bar tha tis perfect for a late night drink. A lovely rooftop wine bar and grill for a romantic evening. And the breakfast at the SALT and PEPPER restaurant is a delightful affair absolutely worth waking up for!

ROOM: We stayed in Room 1615, so this review is based on that; VIEW: Wonderful views of the Ocean and the beautifully landscaped gardens and pool ; SIZE: Spacious enough for 2 adults and simple baggage; AIR-CON: One of hte biggest gripes during our stay! The room didnt get cooler than 24 degrees! Felt like a warm oven in the night!; BED: Comfortable bed that played the expected part of putting me to sleep; BATHROOM: Stand-in shower; TOILETRIES: Lovely spa quality cosmetics by C.O.BIGELOW brand

FACILITIES: Very good Gym with a decent range of weights and Cardio machines good enough for a full on workout. The Swimming pools on site are a treat if you love Aqua workouts!

SERVICE: Friendly staff that took care of all our needs with a smile and made us feel pampered and well taken care of. Special Shout out to the staff at the breakfast restaurant!

HOW WIRED YOU WILL BE: Free high-speed Wi-Fi that works well all over the property. Big Plasma TV screen dishing out a wide variety of channels spanning sports, news, music, movies, and entertainment in multiple languages

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Bai Truong, Xa Duong To, Phu Quoc
+84 297 267 9999